I guess I'm what they call a well I don't know what to call myself.  For the past 18 years I've been a slave to Christianity.  But a couple months I finally just threw down the bible, and came to realize that I could do so much more in life if I just let it all go. I got tired of seeing hypocrisy between young Christian and older ones alike. No one is perfect, naturally, but life is NOT black and white. So therefore I reject the word of God, and accept the Word of Reason.

Anyways, so it's a new path and I realize just "turning" Atheist isn't as easy as I thought it would especially considering the fact I've been a Christian all my life.  So I don't know, it's hard living on the bible belt of East Tennessee knowing that a good handful of my friends, and still good friend, are in fact Christians. I haven';t really told anyone. My mom seems to be a little hurt, and she just seems to think I'm joking. Which is fine, I don't want to offend anyone.

But honestly I'd say I'm kinda half way in the middle and would call myself Agnostic, there just seems to be some loose ends I need to snip.

So hello! I'm Nathan! Not much to say here, just a college kid whose realized the truth. God save me, or not hahahhaa.

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Hi Nathan! Welcome to T|A!

You certainly came to the right place to vent or seek advice and empathetic company.

What you are experiencing right now a large amount of T|A members have also gone through to some degree or another. It is the natural progression from belief to non-belief and the biggest toll is a social one. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to be an atheist in a theistic world and maintain theistic friendships in spite of your different belief systems. Yes, you will lose some friends, especially at first. But only the most small minded or petty of them will stay away for good, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I guess I should welcome you to your freedom, too. You are no longer under the thumb of a capricious god or an oppressive religion that peddles guilt and redemption, a bit like a huckster who alternates between selling you the poison and the cure. But, as you may realize now, the poison is a lie.

If you are not sure what you are, but seek accelerated resolution to that question, I recommend reading Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. It helped me realize what an atheist is, that I was in fact an atheist, and it finally put to rest the last vestiges of belief. For me, that book contained more answers and useful information than every Holy book of every religion combined. Although that is not saying much, really.

Otherwise, answers will come as long as you seek them honestly and follow them wherever they lead. You'll get it all figured out.
Welcome Nathan. Glad to have you here. I still have my moments when I wonder whether I'm agnostic or atheist. Hope you enjoy it here, this site has taught me quite a bit already.
Just try to remember that atheism can be determined by answering a simple question; do you believe in a god or gods? If not, then you are an atheist.

But, I did consider myself a hardcore agnostic (whatever that is) as I moved further away from religion's trappings and before I discovered what the terms "atheist" and "agnostic" really meant.

Jen, you sound to me like an agnostic atheist, which almost every athiest is (and I often argue no atheist can be anything other than and therefore using agnostic as a preface is unnecessary). We can't know, but we all carry a level of certainty that falls below an impossible to achieve 100 percent.
I found my way here through a long 'soul-searching' process that culminated in me accepting the reality that I did not believe. It was not a choice for me; whether to believe or not.

Two excellent points that I think are paramount. The process is typically a long, gradual one. And beleif is largely not a matter of choice. I didn't beleive it when I considered myself Christian, although I really wanted to.
"I didn't beleive it when I considered myself Christian, although I really wanted to."

I think a lot of us have experienced the same thing. I have.

on a humorous note:
can an atheist really do any "soul" searching? lol
The idea of a soul was not created by religion. A soul would be your essence left behind after you physical body dies. Hard notion to grasp but so is dieing and never having a single thought again.
lol ok i would never turn down a hug but first i need to know why i need a hug.
Sounds like you could still realize a little more truth if you're fence sitting on agnosticism! Welcome to mind users Nathan and greeting
Hi Nate. You used the word "turning" when describing your path to atheism. I was once a christian, only because my family is and I didn't have any other affiliation to belong to. If you are like me, it wasn't a matter of "turning" anything. I never really considered my self a christian, but just went with the flow of things. It wasn't a choice, it was simply realizing what I believed all along.

Let me say that... to be an atheist you don't have to KNOW there is no god. It is simply a matter of not believing in one. Call it atheist agnostic if you want, but I can even use the bible for this one...haha, the fool has said in his heart "there is no god"...we can use a little intelligence and say that "there probably is no god".

In my life I have experienced a LOT of prejudice for my lack of belief...and I'm not even that old yet. This is a great site to share and find support.

My advise to you is to learn everything you can about religion...many religions. It will make your reasons for "coming out" as an atheist a lot more effective. I've read the bible and parts of the Koran. I've also done a lot of research on Pagan beliefs. It really really helped me.

You can look forward to many posts about Paganism from me. haha..I find that it is the best argument against Christianity, when talking to a closed minded Christian. They never realize that the people they hate, started their religion for them..

As far as telling your family, good luck with that one man. My family treated me like the plague. My grandmother who I never see and who still cant spell my name right on birthday cards tried to hold an intervention lol. When ever I get into arguments with my dad, he brings up my lack of belief and just straight up tells me I'm wrong.

There are some people that you will never be able to reason with. Esp the people who feel hurt by your beliefs...they will feel betrayed for some reason...I guess it just shows how insecure they really are. A good reason to have faith in a higher being by the way.

If you want to talk about anything I/everyone here are always open for discussion. Welcome!
Call it atheist agnostic if you want, but I can even use the bible for this one...haha, the fool has said in his heart "there is no god"...we can use a little intelligence and say that "there probably is no god".

Haha. I prefer Dawkins' statement that there is almost certainly no god.

My advise to you is to learn everything you can about religion...many religions. It will make your reasons for "coming out" as an atheist a lot more effective.

I disagree. While studying religion may help you, I don't think it is necessary to effectively convey reasons for your atheism. Simply stating that you don't beleive is enough for almost every occasion. Now, if you want to debate people, then studying up on religion might help. But you could also study science and get knowledge that is not only equaly beneficial for debate, but useful in the real world, too.

Great advice, though, Jon!
Reg, I think that the easiest way to talk to Christians is by using there own bible. It seems to me that they are not very open minded to much of anything else.

Of course, you dont have to read the bible or even know a damn thing about a religion to be an atheist..it's just what I experienced on my own.
pshh...even I could take em.


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