I guess I'm what they call a well I don't know what to call myself.  For the past 18 years I've been a slave to Christianity.  But a couple months I finally just threw down the bible, and came to realize that I could do so much more in life if I just let it all go. I got tired of seeing hypocrisy between young Christian and older ones alike. No one is perfect, naturally, but life is NOT black and white. So therefore I reject the word of God, and accept the Word of Reason.

Anyways, so it's a new path and I realize just "turning" Atheist isn't as easy as I thought it would especially considering the fact I've been a Christian all my life.  So I don't know, it's hard living on the bible belt of East Tennessee knowing that a good handful of my friends, and still good friend, are in fact Christians. I haven';t really told anyone. My mom seems to be a little hurt, and she just seems to think I'm joking. Which is fine, I don't want to offend anyone.

But honestly I'd say I'm kinda half way in the middle and would call myself Agnostic, there just seems to be some loose ends I need to snip.

So hello! I'm Nathan! Not much to say here, just a college kid whose realized the truth. God save me, or not hahahhaa.

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Reg, I think that the easiest way to talk to Christians is by using there own bible. It seems to me that they are not very open minded to much of anything else.

Of course, you dont have to read the bible or even know a damn thing about a religion to be an atheist..it's just what I experienced on my own.

Right, it all really depends on what you want to do. I was not saying that you implied that religious knowledge was important or necessary to be an atheist. We all agree, I think, that the qualifications are quite simple.

If he wants to engage fellow Christians about the faults of their religion, then it may behoove him to study up. My atheism is a result of not what is wrong with Christianity, but rather what is right about reality. Often those two things are the same, but what happens if he wants to engage a Muslim. Or a Hindu? He'd have to study and know all sorts of nonsense to do this.

Granted, he's not likely to stumble across anyone other than good Christian folk. But, there is only one objective reality and science is the only tool we have to reliably inform us about it. It is a one stop shop for real knowledge and the reason I suggested it as an alternative.

Besides, most Christians I know don't know their Bible. I've brought up Biblical subjects and watched as they indifferently rolled their eyes and dismissed their own Scripture by saying I'm taking it out of context or by using some other apologetic. Hardly seems worth the scholarly effort for debate when it nets that sort of reaction. But, that has been just my experience. He can study whatever. My opinion is just that; an opinion.
"but what happens if he wants to engage a Muslim. Or a Hindu? He'd have to study and know all sorts of nonsense to do this."

this is why I've done a lot of research on other beliefs. But hey, that's just me.
Of all Abrahamic religions, I feel mormonism is the best... they are the least hypocritical, and they're polygamous. That is the ultimate honesty.

All men are polygamists, the question is will be, to use an electrical science analogy... in parallele or in serie?

If we can just admit that all men are polygamous, then we are faced with the option: to continue caring for and cherishing the previous wife and children, or, to ditch them. Personally, I find the first much more appealing.
If you enjoy it in some fashion, then I won't begrudge your study of religions. But when I read fantasy, I prefer Robert Jordan or George R. R. Martin. ;-)

Personally, I see no reason to debate over the color of pixie dust. But, that is me and that is why they say "to each their own".
Yes! I forget the classics!
Robert Jordan?!?! Really? You've got to be able to do better than that . . .

I started reading the WoT 20 years ago when I was barely a teenager. I'm invested now. Besides, it is not nearly as bad as Terry Goodkind. I still enjoy it. It is still a hundred time better than the Bible.
Howdy Nathan! Glad to have you aboard. You'll find a lot of great and well educated people here. As well as folks that will give you a ton of encouragement in finding what to or not to believe in. Keep asking questions my friend you'll find what you are looking for!

Many Christians are good people but you don't need to be Christian to be good. There are many discussions here on religion, morality and freethought. I hope you'll find that most of us are concerned with love, peace and character . . . just like Christians. And I hope you'll find our reasons are better supported than those offered by religious authorities.
Ohh I'm considered with Peace as well. One thing I've kind of began to realize is that there is no government, religion, science, economical system etc. etc. that is going to promote world peace. It's us as humans who have the will to be good to one another. It just seems like so many who the power or money to help fix things...just make things worse. So maybe that puts me into the Anarchist group too hahaha
Hey Nathan

The best road is often not the easiest road. While there isn't much to being a atheist like many have stated, it is harder to find truth in the world without knowing where to look or what to read. Life is all about what you make it. Don't let anyone push you in a direction you don't feel comfortable with. Don't adopt others beliefs simply because they say so. Life is all about finding things out for yourself and living your life for yourself. You ever need someone to talk to many are here and you can find other websites that share the same views as this one. We all need like minded friends but your old friends will still be there for you I'm sure. If you need to talk shoot me a email sometime, I'm always around my computer.
Hi, Nathan. Welcome to the critical thinking club. Its a very selective membership of especially bright people. Sometimes, I agree, it can get lonely, especially when you're living among staunch believers. But that's why we look for places like this. We can exchange ideas, talk about fascinating things or just generally bitch about the things that are bugging us.

Realizing I was atheist was a strange feeling at first, both depressing and lonely. But eventually you realize that there's really no other way to be and embrace it. Welcome. I'm new here too. We can explore this place together.
Thank You! :)) I look forward to it!


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