I guess I'm what they call a well I don't know what to call myself.  For the past 18 years I've been a slave to Christianity.  But a couple months I finally just threw down the bible, and came to realize that I could do so much more in life if I just let it all go. I got tired of seeing hypocrisy between young Christian and older ones alike. No one is perfect, naturally, but life is NOT black and white. So therefore I reject the word of God, and accept the Word of Reason.

Anyways, so it's a new path and I realize just "turning" Atheist isn't as easy as I thought it would especially considering the fact I've been a Christian all my life.  So I don't know, it's hard living on the bible belt of East Tennessee knowing that a good handful of my friends, and still good friend, are in fact Christians. I haven';t really told anyone. My mom seems to be a little hurt, and she just seems to think I'm joking. Which is fine, I don't want to offend anyone.

But honestly I'd say I'm kinda half way in the middle and would call myself Agnostic, there just seems to be some loose ends I need to snip.

So hello! I'm Nathan! Not much to say here, just a college kid whose realized the truth. God save me, or not hahahhaa.

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My My! Wow I was shocked when I saw 32 replies, never realized that there were so many people that cared. And such great and great advice. I seem to find a great deal of solace in writing songs or poems about how i feel about religion, science, the world, etc. etc. etc. Kinda wish i still had my guitar.

Anyways so I'll definitely check out the that book the funny thing is that I also have a book "Top 10 Reasons why People Question God" never got around to reading it. I might read it and post a synopsis or something of it just for discussion.
Hi Nathan. Thanks for embracing reason. It's not the easy path of believing what you are told. But it is most rewarding!
Hi Nathan! We're here to support you, that's what we do. And welcome toThink Atheist. Explore the site and come here often, that has certainly helped make my own deconversion less painful. ^_^
Hi Nathan,

Once I made the decision to discard Christianity, I felt one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever had (and that was many years ago) and I have never regreted that deicision.

Christopher Hitchens recently said."you don't become atheist, you realize you are one". This is the same that happened to me. I followed the Christian crowd, never really buying into it a hundred percent. The hypocrisy distanced me and allowed me the ability to open my eyes. First I left religion, later I stopped believing in god altogether. It was a natural process. And it took time. Just go with the flow, the loose ends will take care of themselves. Welcome to the real world, Neo.
Hahah thanks Trinity lol. That's funny because these other day I told a new friend I met on campus about my beliefs...well I told her that I didn't believe religion, science, economics, etc. etc. worked. It wasn't going to help promote peace...bla bla bla. But then she replied "Oohhhh so you believe you're living in the Matrix"

But yeah I kind of think the same thing, about realizing it's just been like that all along. It's just hard because I know I'm going to have to tell some people who have really helped me (or harmed me?) out over the years by leading me through the Christian way. And I know I'm going to hurt some truly decent people, but I guess if they still loved me they'd accept me the way I am. Cuz I would. I found out one of my bosses was gay the other day. I didn't like him less...once upon a time I probably would be saying hurtful things behind his back, but he's still a great boss and a nice guy.
Christopher Hitchens recently said."you don't become atheist, you realize you are one".

Oh, nice, Lisa! Thanks for sharing that. That was definitely the case with me.

You're fortunate. It took me 42 years to realize the whole religion thing was non-evidence based, human-invented nonsense. Although we can't say there's no god, we can easily see that christianity (my myth, too) is utter poppycock, with numerous contradictions and, above all, falsifiable claims.

How much did you pray and NOT get answered as promised? For me that went on and on, even through numerous years playing for a christian band. So many questions that religious people simply have no useful answer to.

Religion poisons the search for, and rational application of, knowledge.

Welcome to one of many voices of Reason.
Hi Nathan!

I'm Tera, and I'm relatively new to TA myself. I've found the people here to be intelligent, inviting, and always eager to offer support to newcomers. Hopefully you'll find the same!

Like you, I grew up surrounded by Christianity. As a child and young teenager, I was very involved with the church. But as I got older, I began to notice things that bothered me. Hypocrisy from "good Christians," the inconsistencies in the Bible, and most of all the Christian ideas of good, evil, sin and punishment just didn't sit right. By the time I left high school, I was very much questioning my faith. Not a good thing to do when you live in the Bible Belt (I'm from Mississippi. Go go southern atheists!) It was a very slow transition, until one day I realized that no matter how much I wanted to say I believed, it just wasn't there.

It's not easy to "come out" to friends and family that are still practicing the faith you've left. My family mostly acted angry or sad, but after a while, things cooled off. I still have many good friends who are Christians, and we seem to get along fairly well regardless of our differences. I don't go around yelling that there's no God on movie night, and they try not to send too many Bible-themed chain letters to my email. :-)

Welcome to the site! I look forward to discussing all sorts of topics with you in the future. Hope to see ya around!



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