I'm an atheist living In a crowd of mentally blind people

I'm the only one who believes in nothing in my immediate family, my mom doesn't like it when bring up atheism  and stepdad only says I don't car to it. 
I only have one friend who is also atheist and I barely get to discuss it with him at school. All my other friends are mostly religious so they hate when I tell them what I thinkwhen they start talking about religion, I am 17 male in Ringgold Georgia, what should I do? Are there any close to ringgold atheist meetings around? If so please comment or if you have tips on what to do.

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They're right.  Go away to school if it is at all possible.  It's healthier for you.
Yep , I agree.  Get your degree and move to Maryland :)
Maryland?  lol, ok, but why mary land?

Well , there's this thing going around the forums about 'anecdotal' references ... but I am the pianist for a Lutheran Church - The first thing the 'committee' did when hiring me was ask me what denomination I was ... I politely said I wasn't Christian.  They asked further - "Do you believe in God'?   I said no , I am an Atheist.  


"Ohh...an Atheist" the Pastor! exclaimed.  He paused for a while... then suggested it would be fine as long as I don't take communion.  


That story and ... I think Maryland is pretty tolerant of diversity.  It's easy to meet atheists here.  


Might I suggest a dating site?  Ok Cupid is a great way to meet people for friendship and you can narrow the search to non christians.  


I recommend you look for activities that have like minded participants. My son races BMX, has been doing so for about 10 years. Generally speaking, most of the participants are not extremely religious. It's quite obvious because we race on a lot of Sundays and other church days. Just an example. Look for other "extreme" sports or if you're not into sports, there are a lot of clubs or on-line groups (game playing etc...) that will connect you up.  I agree with other post that you should not try to "convert" anyone -- it rarely works. What will happen is other kids who might feel the same way will find you eventually. I live in Georgia and it's a tough area -- the old bible belt thing. But hang in there and don't be depressed about it, just laugh a lot.

I am/was in your situation exactly. Right as I was becoming an atheist, my family moved me south. I figured everyone would be bible-hugging idiots but was surprised to learn the number of agnostics and atheists in my own class.

I find that a lot of atheists will talk about their beliefs in class discussions in English or science, and so when religious or philosophical questions would arise I would openly state my opinion which would give way to other atheists in my class being comfortable stating their own. You could try being more open yourself, though it's rather difficult, but it will in the long run allow you more freedom and gain you more free-thinking acquaintances.

Also, my best friend is a baptist fundy... It constantly bothers me, the way she thinks, but she's a dear friend and we can look past each others' views. However, we do get into deep discussions about our opinions and I think my explanations are starting to sink into her. Of course she'll never stop being a Christian, but maybe soon she'll accept evolution and science. So, even if your friends do not share your views, you can still discuss it with them and who knows, you might help someone "see the light" =)

The thing to do is start reading everything you can get your hands on in defense of FreeThought.

Then find organizations that will help you such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin.

Remember that you are sane and you don't have to discuss this with anyone who is, as you put it,

"mentally blind".  Also remember that you are in a small town environment and the only way you are going to be able to live comfortably is to a. leave for another place b.  find someone close to you who shares your sanity c. network online and find people who share your sanity.  Or all three.


 I would say consider yourself like a lurker in this life. You seem concerned about support or agreement for your beliefs from everyday contacts. Everyone at this site agrees with your view. Just know that even though you can't talk face to face about it with those around you, many people in the world are with you.


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