I'm an atheist living In a crowd of mentally blind people

I'm the only one who believes in nothing in my immediate family, my mom doesn't like it when bring up atheism  and stepdad only says I don't car to it. 
I only have one friend who is also atheist and I barely get to discuss it with him at school. All my other friends are mostly religious so they hate when I tell them what I thinkwhen they start talking about religion, I am 17 male in Ringgold Georgia, what should I do? Are there any close to ringgold atheist meetings around? If so please comment or if you have tips on what to do.

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There is no simple way. Atheists are fighting our acceptance in society.


All you can do is try to get along as best as possible. You don't need to convince anyone to turn atheist, it's better if you help other atheists be open about it.

You'll only lose friends if you try and convert them. If they are curious, they'll ask you. It can be difficult when you are saturated with with other religious talk though. If you can't find any atheist groups out there, you can always find refuge of sites like this: perhaps not what you wanted, but more than you have now, and certainly better than nothing.
Ringgold, hmm? I knew someone from there.

I'm afraid the only atheist groups I know of in Georgia are in Atlanta.

Check out the group CFI (Center For Inquiry).  They have local groups in most states and have different meetings, groups, and speakers. 

Also, check out www.meetup.com to look for an atheist group in your area.  I found one in my area that way.Go too.  Good luck finding something.  And hang in there.

That's where I found my local group.  Maybe you could start a secular students club at your school...?
I'm proud to hear that you do speak your mind when religion comes up.  Like you I am surrounded by conservative christians, I live in Texas.  Most of us are still "In the closet" about our atheism.  While I don't know of any particular groups in your area, the internet is a great resource to find others, obviously you found Think Atheist.  Can you have lunch or hang out after school with your atheist friend?  There may be others who are too afraid to speak up about their beliefs and once they hear you and your friend talking about it maybe that will open up an avenue for them as well.  Good luck and don't ever stop questioning!  :-)

I'm the only one who believes in nothing in my immediate family,


But you don't really believe in nothing, do you? Do you believe in your friend? Your family? Yourself? Do you believe you are 17? Your atheism denotes your lack of belief in imaginary gods, that's it. It doesn't say anything else about what you do or do not believe in.

Sounds very much like nihilism.

@Dakota:  Have you ever hear about the characters The Comedian or Tyler Durden? Have you ever seen the movies The Watchmen or Fight Club?

It would be more accurate to say "faith in nothing".


People can believe in lots of things. But faith is just belief without evidence.

Religious faith is belef without evidence. But there are other reasonable types of faith: I can have faith that my computer will work just fine after I clean it out. I can have faith in my singing voice after a good warm-up. This type of faith is different in that it has good reasons to back itself up, unlike religious faith which has nothing.
Go to college. Move away
As parents often appear to dismiss their children's beliefs as fanciful until they themselves have advanced to some arbitrary notion of adulthood, the solution offered by Steve has merit as it affords the you opportunity to escape to a presumably reason-orientated institution (avoid places like Notre Dame) where you would find more agreeable companions, and, most importantly, freedom of expression. It also may be the case that, with a degree in your hand, your parents would be more likely to accept your views as valid, even if they do not agree with them. There is, however, no guarantee for this outcome. Then again, if we wanted the comfort of capricious guarantees we wouldn't be here, would we?


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