Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's verdict came down today. He will get death barring successful appeal.

I don't want to discuss the verdict but rather the logic of some death penalty opponents.

What they say goes something like "He should be sentenced to life in prison. That is a worse sentence than death." 

Two things: First, if the person on trial believed that, then why does he plead not guilty and hire attorneys to keep him from being executed?

Secondly, isn't it extremely unseemly and inhumane to be arguing that someone should get a punishment worse than death?

(To be clear about my own biases, I oppose the death penalty because of the possibility of a bad verdict. When a murder is caught on video or in front of ample trustworthy witnesses or science proves the guilt of the offender, I have no problems with it. But let's not discuss that in this thread.)

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Both of you guys need to just back the hell off. If you want to wear the TA rocker on the back of your cute little leather jackets, you have to first go through suitable channels and apply for the proper permits and badges. This ain't like no Texas anarchy in these here parts. Humanize, shmumanize... y'all just act like a bunch of fairies.

Hmm, that doesn't sound nearly as funny as when I wrote it yesterday.

I do want to know what a TA rocker is. Does the website sell them?

It could look like the COSSACKS patch shown below, but say THINK ATHEIST. Perhaps we could custom order a jacket, and send it to Richard Dawkins?

(This may be out of context, but notice the the two guys in the upper left about to kiss.)

We would be so bad ass!

There are two rockers on a bike gangster's jacket. The top rocker here says COSSACKS, the bottom rocker says TEXAS.

Wasn't it Churchill's advice that when you're finished writing something, go through it one last time and cross out the parts you thought were particularly good.

True, and I need to consider doing so more often, like before clicking on the Send button!

Can't we all just get

a bit more creative?

I saw nothing wrong with that death ceremony. It is just one more narrative after all. Perhaps having public murder ceremonies provides a culturally rich experience for the people and is useful and sucessful in society!

I'm not sure it's necessarily relevant to this discussion, but I found it remarkable that the Nebraska legislature eliminated the death penalty this week, over the governor's veto:

Nebraska!  That's deep in conservative Republican country.


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