Take a hypothetical country which has a less prosperous country at its border. Many people from the less prosperous country cross the border looking for work and/or to commit crimes (among those crimes, crossing the border illegally).

If it was your country, how would you handle it?

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In Australia, we are lucky enough to be girt by sea...the majority of our illegal immigrants are actually from the US or UK and come via aeroplane. We also have illegal immigrants seeking refugee status from asia.

As for how to handle it... here's a different thought: let them come. Do away with income tax and raise the goods and services tax. Therefore, they will be paying tax on everything they purchase, increasing the size of our economy, and increasing our population. Of course this plan would have some downsides too... We would be unable to accurately keep track of our population, overpopulation could be a serious issue, over inflation of the prices of some goods could result. Illegal immigrants are not only the benevolent people (who come to work for a higher standard of living) but also the malevolent people (who come to commit crimes, start wars, enact terror campaigns).

Matt - I like your plan - there are always malevolent people, and we will always have to deal with them, but malevolence knows no borders. Pro ejemplo (for example), the vast majority of Mexicans who "invade" the US, commit no crimes until they (still a minority) are introduced to American criminals and learn their ways.

Do I have statistics to back my assertion? No, I have personal experience.

pax vobiscum,

I think entering the U.S. undocumented is a felony, isn't it? So, what do you mean by " the vast majority of Mexicans who 'invade' the US, commit no crimes until they (still a minority) are introduced to American criminals and learn their ways." What American criminals induced them to cross the border illegally thereby committing a felony? Also, I always thought that honest people couldn't be induced to criminality merely by exposure to bad elements.

Felonies are man-made concepts, the validity of which I reserve the right to decide.

So when you say " the vast majority of Mexicans who 'invade' the US, commit no crimes until they (still a minority) are introduced to American criminals and learn their ways," a "crime" is what archaeopteryx regards as a crime.

RE: "'a "crime' is what archaeopteryx regards as a crime." - having observed all of the heated arguments in which you've managed to embroil yourself over the past week, and the reasons for them, I just thought maybe it wouldn't hurt if someone else played god for a while --

Who says I'm playing? ;)

Finally, someone more arrogant than I - you win!:P tongue

That's an interesting perspective... cross the border into the US to find a crappy minimum wage job, but then realising you can do muuuuuuuch better by getting involved in drugs and other crimes. You're already breaking the law, why not make a buttload of cash before you get kicked out.

well one hypothetical country can mismanage its economy, not fund 2 wars, and elect hundreds of the wrong people, this in turn will deteriorate the hypothetical country's "prosperity" reducing illegal immigration from said neighboring country and eventually lead to a race to the bottom where both countries see no need to migrate at all since its just as crappy on either side. 

just an option, not a plan really...

Toughen penalties for employing undocumented workers; illegals do not have rights IMO therefore they cannot operate vehicles, send their children to our schools, have anchor babies, and suckle off the state's teet.

It is unfair to expect our Asian population to play by the rules and receive citizenship legally and then let one ethnic group bypass those expectations. 

They also occupy our state prison system for everything from rape to murder and cost each citizen dearly in tax dollars.

If we can get our troops all back on home soil they would make an effective deterrent at the border.

address the root cause of what is causing people to migrate, reduction of drug problem, calling out catholic church which tells people to have too many kids, poverty reduction.....


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