I'm starting to see ignorance on both sides of the line. Atheists and religious people. Personally I just want people to understand my point of view and not make me believe in something. I understand their side why cant they understand mine. And why cant some atheists understand theirs? We dont have to change them. Just make them understand our point of view. So don't be so harsh on them. They just need false hope to get them through their day. Have them understand your point of view but dont make them change who they are. Dont be ignorant to how they think. Because just so you know. Theres always the smallest possibility that we're wrong. The possibility of them being wrong is way bigger but there is still the slight possiblity that we're wrong. So just remember this before you go all crazy over someone saying God bless america or something like that. it's been a saying for the longest time I dont think its gonna change right away.

Thank you


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   You need to not worry so much about labels. It's human to label, but don't let the label be the entirity of how you explain yourself. 


   Your post is pretty vague and thus is being picked at. It's a very generalized complaint, after all. And the implication, by posting this here and with the wording you used, is that it's HERE that you're seeing ignorance. By not specifying who, you imply the whole community is part of it. 


  I personally disagree with the idea that we don't need to argue. We don't need to be cruel or terribly rude, but discussion on a wide scale is how societies grow and change. Where would our philosophical framework be if people like Socrates didn't stir things up? Where would science be if Galileo and his peers didn't come out and say, "No, you're wrong, here's why"? 



   If you want to call yourself an agnostic, most people will know what you're talking about so don't worry too much.


   Whenever we become defensive or angry after hearing something, we (everyone, as a people) need to find out WHY it makes us uncomfortable so we can face the real issues rather than bickering over semantics.


that's eloquently put, Kirsten.

okay, but I would rather be an ignorant atheist than an ignorant believer.


I think we cannot know all, BUT the religious claim to either know all through some magic pixie in the sky, or they personally know the pixie who knows all.



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