DISCLAIMER: This discussion is a thought experiment. I realise that God/Gods cannot be proved or disproved so please answer this discussion in the spirit in which it was raised. Atheists can substitute whichever God/Gods they are most familiar with.


If you woke up tomorrow and it could be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that God/Gods (see above disclaimer) do actually exist what would you do differently in your every-day life?


If you woke up tomorrow and it could be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that no God/Gods exist (see above disclaimer) what would you do differently in your every-day life?

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I'm an agnostic atheist which means I won't rule out the existence of God (that would qualify as a belief, after all...LOL), but could someone at least suggest what might COUNT as PROOF of the existence of God? I'm drawing a blank.

I once read a pretty good idea of what might constitute proof. It would require several of these:

A complete arm growing back after praying to god.

God showing up to some major event and saying hello for thousands to see. Perhaps the world cup?

A string of incredible coincidences that happen every day without stop...as long as you pray to god...and which stop when you stop praying to god.

God charring the ten commandments into mount everest with lightening bolts.

Animals who start talking to us with the words of God similar to the narrative of the bible.

Dozens of people spontaneously having identical visions or hallucinatinos who can individually recount a detailed narrative which is similar to what is found in the bible.

The pope being able to do truly miraculous inexplicable things like fly and trully fully cures cancer victims by touching them.

Okay, how do we distinguish between God and some other superior yet not godly being or, to go whole Cartesian hog, how do we know it's not an illusion or hallucination?

Some kind of intelligent agent could be the cause of any successful illusion. Would it matter much? The way the rest of the world reacts to it could matter more than whether or not it's an illusion.

One way it would matter would be if, for example, there were actually a real God other than the one doing the amazing tricks.

What I'm getting at is whether supernatural or not, the big question will be about the entity's intentions, or what humans on earth purport to be the intentions. My problem with the whole idea of "what if God exists" is that our only definitions of this God or that God are based on conjecture, hallucinations, or fantasy. This God or alien power that suddenly appears has been pretty private and secretive, except according to a few ancient people who were probably delusional.

@unseen Yeah...that was sort of covered too (was it God or some other phenomena). Basically if it mirrors (or for less demanding evidence...mimics) the description and narratives of the bible...then it's probably God.

There's no way to be 100% certain of anything.

But I think this is a good response in any case...to those theists who ask you, confident that you won't be able to respond or who think atheists would never believe in God no matter what evidence, just what kind of evidence would count.

Depends what forms the gods take.  Thor? Jesus? Cthulhu?  Each of these gods would spur different behaviors.


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