If an all loving, all caring God existed it is quite clear he would have created the planet Earth differently.


For example he would have made the entire planet at a constant temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (sorry I don't do Centigrade).


He would have made humans so they didn't need to eat, drink so there would be no need to build disgusting sewers to dispose of our waste. He would make us so we would have no need to sleep, wash or go to work. All these things take up so much time when we could be out playing and having fun.


He would make our bodies unbreakable so if we fell from a great height we would just get up, shake ourselves and carry on as though nothing happened like cartoon characters.


These are just some examples. So I pass it on to you. what would you have have done differently if you were God?

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I think perhaps I should have said "If God really did exist then what would He have done differently?"

Because there is no doubt the world, and every living thing in it, would be nothing like it is now.


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