If an all loving, all caring God existed it is quite clear he would have created the planet Earth differently.


For example he would have made the entire planet at a constant temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (sorry I don't do Centigrade).


He would have made humans so they didn't need to eat, drink so there would be no need to build disgusting sewers to dispose of our waste. He would make us so we would have no need to sleep, wash or go to work. All these things take up so much time when we could be out playing and having fun.


He would make our bodies unbreakable so if we fell from a great height we would just get up, shake ourselves and carry on as though nothing happened like cartoon characters.


These are just some examples. So I pass it on to you. what would you have have done differently if you were God?

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Archbishop James Ussher used dates listed in biblical texts to calculate that the universe was created by god on Oct. 23, 4004 BC (apx. 6000 yrs ago).


Other biblical historians and scholars have provided similar dates.  Though the bible does not explicitely say what date the universe is supposed to have been created, it does provide dates and events that chronogists have used to estimate the time of creation.  This forms the foundation of Young Earth Creationism.


Do you deny that a significant portion of Christians belive that the Earth is but 6,000 yrs old and that this belief is based off of interpretations of the Bible?

Being omniscient and omnipotent (besides the contradiction) would suck. Boredom would ensue after you created the space, time and a few particles that behaved exactly as you knew they would. Nothing would sate curiosity. I love the challange of exposing mystery and ignorance. Existing with all knowledge would suck the fun out of life. I wouldn’t go as far as creating humanity if this was so. There is no challenge in creating an imperfect race of stupids if you’re not going to take control to improve things.

Now, being omniscient with some power would be challenging, or omnipotent with only a limited understanding of what you are doing. Then I might have created something such as humanity and then started to improve said humanity (similar to those city simulator games). But I would always be interacting with the world. I would not be absent.

If I were God, I would "uninvent" myself.
I asked a christian once if an all powerful god could destroy itself. She had a fit.
That is awesome!
according to LaVayan satanism, we are gods. lol
If I was God with unlimited power, the only thing I would change is Jersey Shore......probably Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt as well. Trust me, the world will be better without them.

There are so many fun directions to go with this question, serious directions to... Here's a couple ideas for different universes...


How about making memories a part of what is passed on through DNA. The world would be so much a different place with people seeing the long term consequences of their actions.  Talk about standing on the shoulders of giants, how much knowledge could a person be born with?...


Here's another one, what if space were more permeable. By that I mean what if a being could simply pull open a rift and step through to another part of the world, or another time, or even another planet... There would of course have to be some relativistic binding commonality between the two locations to keep people from opening a hole into the bottom of the ocean or empty space or a star.

Nothing, because I cannot exist..
Yes, I agree that's the logical answer but can you come up with a creative answer? Say take God, religion, all of it out of the equation and be strictly scientific. How about this... If hypothetically you could re-write any of the basic laws of nature in the universe what would you change?
I wanna see the ramifications of a proton that's five thousand times heavier.

I think perhaps I should have said "If God really did exist then what would He have done differently?"

Because there is no doubt the world, and every living thing in it, would be nothing like it is now.


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