If an all loving, all caring God existed it is quite clear he would have created the planet Earth differently.


For example he would have made the entire planet at a constant temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (sorry I don't do Centigrade).


He would have made humans so they didn't need to eat, drink so there would be no need to build disgusting sewers to dispose of our waste. He would make us so we would have no need to sleep, wash or go to work. All these things take up so much time when we could be out playing and having fun.


He would make our bodies unbreakable so if we fell from a great height we would just get up, shake ourselves and carry on as though nothing happened like cartoon characters.


These are just some examples. So I pass it on to you. what would you have have done differently if you were God?

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If I was perfect, I'd clone myself to find out even one was too many.

I would not have created man.

Seconded. I would be omniscient, which means that I would have known about the fall of man and the horrors the human race would causes, so why bother creating man in the first place?


I wouldn't have created Earth either. I would have just stayed in heaven with the angels worshiping me, drinking cocktails on a cloud and living a carefree immortal life. Nothing wrong with that.

Seconded. I would be omniscient, which means that I would have known about the fall of man and the horrors the human race would causes, so why bother creating man in the first place?


Jeeeez, I can remember back when I was a Christian, this question was frustrating. I just tried not to think about it, but that was impossible. Eventually I had to have a logical meltdown.  

What it would be left to enjoy, really, if he would have made us like that? People enjoy eating, drinking, sleeping, washing, some even enjoy working. Would we play paintball all the time, or what? I think we're good right now, when we have to work for ourselves and we can really enjoy life. Otherwise we would be just puppets. I don't need any god.


Sure, a loving god would be better for those that are starving, suffering or dying right now. That's the only reason a loving god would be ok. But we can take care of them ourselves, but some of us are still stuck with the idea that there is a god that takes care of those in suffering so they don't really bother.

I think that’s an excellent question. I often ask Christians the same question. Specifically:

- If you were a god and created a multitude of intelligent species…would you demand that they worship and love you with the threat of eternal pain and suffering if they didn't?

Funny....... none of them like to answer that question.
Like that idea very much.
Did you mean ditto?  Dido was the founder of Carthage.
That is a great idea

Love this kind of questions! Because I'm not a perfectionist. A perfect world would be boring. Why? Because the only reason why we build houses is because we are cold, the only reason why we write is because we don't understand anything and we wan't to understand everything because we want to better ourselves, if we were perfect there would be no need to better our selves. There would be no competition, and then there would be no wars, that's a good thing, but we loose to much in the process.

In other words there is no need for a god, so if I was an allknowledgeable god I would know that I don't have to change a thing from what the world is now (I would create the world as we see it now). Any change is action and to it there will be reaction, so if I stop all the wars, new wars would begin to replace them because of human nature, if I change human nature not to fight they would die out and a new species would evolve and start fighting and so on.

I would go a completely bizarre direction, because i can! So i would have created tamed, saddled dragons which we ride while they poop ice cream and sing beyonce songs. We would all be twelve feet tall with 37 arms and x-ray vision since there is no evolutionary disadvantage to any of this!


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