If you had enough money (meaning lots), how would you spend it?

Let's make these off-the-wall.

Of course, I'd buy a Bugatti Veyron. That goes without saying, but it's not crazy enough. One thing I might like to do if I had the funds would be to build a working Nautilus submarine. The one from Disney's movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

What would YOU do with your money?

Please, no "I'd contribute it to curing cancer" or "I'd feed all the starving children of the world" type statements. 

We're looking for something crazy and very selfish. You can use another thread to impress us with your generosity and concern for mankind.

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I would build a theme park so lush and full of state of the art rides and experiences that people would forget all about Disney world,  Sea World, and Universal..... 

I'd call it Scienceland (actually I'd have to call it something better than that if I wanted anyone to come)

It wouldn't have to be just fun and games.. Real research could be conducted at the same time.  You could have biologists, astronomers, computer geeks, mechanical,  electrical and chemical engineers, you get the idea.

They could continually design and build new rides and develop new sensory experiences.    You could have nightclub land that had every themed club you could imagine..... along with Foodworld that followed the same approach. 

A portion of the proceeds could go towards science promotion, charities, etc...and the rest could go towards making me, my family and friends filthy rich.

To my earlier ideas I'd add funding the development of terraforming bacteria from the bacteria found at black smokers (the geothermal vents on the ocean bottom) to seed Venus. Some work would be needed to make sure they could survive without water and at much lower pressure (only 92 times Earth normal which equals only about 1 km ocean depth). And maybe have some lawyers see what I could do to own Venus if I terraformed it.

It's not Earth but compared to Mars, it's much better: it's bigger, has more atmosphere (too much right now), much better gravity (.902 Earth - so it won't have the long term deterioration problems that will happen with Mars), a minor magnetic field (whereas Mars has none), not as cold and a bit closer to Earth.

It does have its problems too but I feel they aren't as big a deal as those Mars has.

Probably be good to develop and build beanstalks (elevator towers that go up one or two hundred miles into space).

I'm not selling plots of land on Venus yet so please hold your requests.   :)


I do like the idea of better funding research into curing ... well, everything.

While the temperature problem of Venus is exacerbated by its cloudy atmosphere, even if we create a clear atmosphere it's still going to be too hot for living on the surface without sealed domes or other similar dwelling areas and the wearing of some sort of protective suit to go out on the surface. People might want to go there for a period of time to do mining, etc., but who would want to actually live there?

On the other hand, even terraformed, Mars would be too cold. Earth is truly in the so-called Goldilocks Zone.


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