If you had enough money (meaning lots), how would you spend it?

Let's make these off-the-wall.

Of course, I'd buy a Bugatti Veyron. That goes without saying, but it's not crazy enough. One thing I might like to do if I had the funds would be to build a working Nautilus submarine. The one from Disney's movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

What would YOU do with your money?

Please, no "I'd contribute it to curing cancer" or "I'd feed all the starving children of the world" type statements. 

We're looking for something crazy and very selfish. You can use another thread to impress us with your generosity and concern for mankind.

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It's the result of trying to do TA while looking for work. It has been moved to the appropriate thread.


I liked the bees post better :)

Well, this depends upon how much money.

If it's just lottery money - a few hundred million - then my ideas are going to be more modest. A few things to improve my appearance. Then make a few movies and a TV show which are currently just half-written ideas. While doing those, design a custom house featuring a front door that looks like a stargate (from the movie & TV show - it would have a curtain of water which parts to let you through unless the iris is closed), a game room with a computerized gaming table to display RPG maps and such, a video/movie room with the largest HD TV available, an indoor pool, and a few other things. The back yard would contain 1/4 (?) size dioramas of Zerg, Protoss and Terran bases. Gather special FX artists and a few others to design and build a bipedal vehicle which looks like a T-Rex. If that works then do one that looks like the alien queen from Aliens. The profits from the movies & TV show would go to buying places as shelters for the homeless, especially gay & lesbian teens thrown out of their homes.

Now, if it's fairly big money - tens of billions - then the stuff above plus a credit company that sets the interest rate directly proportionate to your credit score instead of inversely proportionate like all others do it. So those with the worst credit only pay 0.25% interest annually but someone with a good credit score would have something like an 8% annual interest rate. No fees at all. And the interest rate would only go up if your credit rating went up. Basically design it to supply credit at appropriate rates to poor people while trying to destroy the existing credit vultures. Destroy them utterly. Also, fund fusion reactor research to get it working now. To solve our power problems and destroy the oil companies. DTU.

What? Me, issues about credit cards? Why do you ask? And if you don't have issues with the oil companies then either you don't have a vehicle and buy gas or you own a lot of stock.

So, nothing too unusual.     :)

I meant virtually unlimited money. Of course, that's impossible, but certainly enough money to do something extremely extravagant. 

I expect with enough energy, it might feel like 'unlimited'...

Assuming all the money could do this i would buy just enough hearing, if only for a just a few minutes, to hear the voices of each of my children just once in my life.

If i could not have that i would want an even bigger garden with more bee hives and a full time bee keeper to ensure their welfare - i love my garden and bees, even more would be wonderful !

The sweetest sentiments, Judith.

Double the sentiment.

I picked my second batch of beans this afternoon, about 4lbs! Another 13 strawberries to freeze! I do miss the silence of my last garden in the hills...

Hmmm.....with a bit more research and all the money, why not make the blind see and the deaf hear?

OK, I'm adding that goal, it seems like a good one.

We're looking for something crazy and very selfish. You can use another thread to impress us with your generosity and concern for mankind.

I'd build the most exclusive billionaire's clubs, hotels, and timeshares the solar system has ever known. The first would be in orbit or on the moon, and later ones would be elsewhere in the solar system, like on Saturn's moon Enceladus, in the asteroid belt (on Ceres for instance), or maybe Mars.

That's heavy on the crazy, but perhaps a bit light on the selfish. I think humanity should move out into space and that is for the selfish reason that I want my DNA and the DNA of my progeny to survive the next 250 years. So I'd jumpstart the pushoff into space by making it all the rage among billionaires, if I could do it.  

I expect that the transport system would be the most expensive part of the 'project' on startup.

Building the survival domes on Enceladus or Ceres could be very fun for out of work young engineers, that have low radiation exposure pre-job posting. The return trip to earth might be very hard for these folks....


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