If you had enough money (meaning lots), how would you spend it?

Let's make these off-the-wall.

Of course, I'd buy a Bugatti Veyron. That goes without saying, but it's not crazy enough. One thing I might like to do if I had the funds would be to build a working Nautilus submarine. The one from Disney's movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

What would YOU do with your money?

Please, no "I'd contribute it to curing cancer" or "I'd feed all the starving children of the world" type statements. 

We're looking for something crazy and very selfish. You can use another thread to impress us with your generosity and concern for mankind.

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I would build an organization to get off this rock, and investigate corporate/government fraud.

I would buy as many US Senators or Representitives as necessary to implement the legislation I support. Which would join fly in the face of what James wants above but would be way more likely to be effective in meeting my personal issue goals.

Sadly I might lean towards a more populist, less sociopathic mind set. I agree though, that an unenlightened self interest is more likely to succeed. I must remind that this was a question more based upon fantasy, than the actual.

I expect that playing more to the statis-quo will yield results just repeating/revisiting the present state of the world. Doubling our effords should truely garantee a world made less by our twisted efforts. I really would like to make this world a little better, but see that the 'few' will continue to pretend that their personal interests are to be feed. A qoute from a recent film 'The weak are meat, & the strong do eat', (Cloud Atlas). 

Love the Harem idea BTW, probably wouldn't do it though.

Well, as I said, I'd live in luxury hotels the rest of my life. I'd have a staff of butlers and other support staff, including a couple highly-qualified courtesans and/or concubines (not entirely sure what the difference is and feel too lazy to look it up).

I expect that they would offer you a quick training film/class on the differences and comparisons. I life time supply of oils and toys might top off the tool/toy kit...;p).


Personally, I'd buy Walmart.

Buy stuff.... you know, little things, like continents.

What if someone said, "I'd give unlimited funds to research cures to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and several others. All the people of the Earth have to do is let me own the moon."

I'd agree, take your money, then hand you the deeds to Cruinthe.

Deal off.


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