If you don't believe in God, can you say why in a single sentence or phrase?

For me it's two words...Birth Defects.

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I don't believe in any man-made religions, and I have not yet been presented with enough evidence to convince me that any of them aren't. 

Insecurity in the unknown

Can you say in one sentence or phrase why you don't believe in the divinity of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Is it because the Magic Invisible Daddy in the Sky is even sillier than FSM?

My sister!

I got all the reasons to believe, but I also have a reasoning for disbelieving.

God(s) are most likely human creations that do not exist.

Any god worth worshiping would understand why I don't believe--and be proud of me for it too.

"Any god worth worshiping....

Yeah, the xian god is a pathetic creature. Much like the people who created it.

If I were all powerful I would be skiing around galaxies--checking my real estate holdings.

I expect that thinking what a 'God' wants or does not want might be a fools gambit. I do wonder why a 'God' would find human worship very interesting? I figure after eons of existence, why would the the self delusions of ants on a small rock be very interesting? I just figure that the whole story, commentary, and 'history' is for humans, not for 'God'.

As speculation, maybe 'God' has a limited long term memory? After eons of time, maybe 'God' is topping out for memory storage. If so maybe the human predicament is ok, in a passing way, a little like the drama of a car race, lots of crashing, noise, the occasional mass death. Fun to watch, but not very satisfying. Does 'God' ask for a beer from an angel during intermission, oh sorry there is no intermission, just a very short lull between seasons....    

It all begs the question of who can say what God is or wants, or what he/she/it was or wanted, or know first hand of his/her/its existence or non-existence: nobody, not even theists or atheists.

I expect that if 'God' is part of the 'computational universe', maybe there could be enough storage capacity for memory just in the number of quantum states available. Sadly entropy could quash most of it, unless there is some place in the universe that offers stability.

Sorry, I am wandering into that area between the light and dark, the Twilight Fantasy Zone. Where we try to make sense out of non-sense! I expect that theists don't need any more help!

can you truly worship an idea?

Ed, if you'll tell me what "truly" means I might know how to answer.


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