If you don't believe in God, can you say why in a single sentence or phrase?

For me it's two words...Birth Defects.

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I don't believe in god because I know the so called being is impossible to exist.

I have a good understanding of 5th grade science.

Why would any sane/intelligent person endorse such absurd, nonsensical drivel!

Because if there was an omnipotent being who created the universe, he wouldn't have been a misogynistic sadistic homophobe. 

Also it's weird that JewishGod cares so much about foreskins and MuslimGod about hijabs. What an asshole.

And what's strange is that religious people find it weird that we don't believe in their god and require evidence, like, how dare we? What's illogical about a supreme being that created an entire universe wanting to torture millions of humans for an eternity for having sex before a marriage ceremony, or a woman for showing her hair? How outrageous of us.  

It's more likely humans created God than God created humans.
There is no reason to believe in god.


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