If you don't believe in God, can you say why in a single sentence or phrase?

For me it's two words...Birth Defects.

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No one is perfect, nothing is perfect, not even the universe itself. 

If God exists and is all-knowing and benevolent, there should be no reason to pray.

Because I don't believe! :)

The existence of any sort of God is an entirely man-made construct almost as old as humankind itself, and had I been born thousands of years ago there would be people there telling me to believe in Thor, Zeus or Poseidon - but I don't see anyone strapping C-4 to themselves to appease Osiris or Wotan.

Prayer is nonsense.

Thank you, Brenny Sue. Truth doesn't get more succinct than that. I have an adjective I want to add.

Prayer is self-humiliating nonsense.

Folks, insert another modifier or append another noun to the above and let's see where it goes.

Humility is one attribute most sorely lacking today.

Prayer is a warm feeling.

Prayer makes you feel loved.

Prayer allows you to get thru the worst of times.

Prayer is the best way to feel connected with those around you.

Prayer has value to those who believe.


Even tho there is no one listening, maybe that doesn't matter.

Mike, Gregg, April Fools Day was weeks ago.


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