"If you don't accept Jesus as your savior, you're going to burn in Hell!"

You gotta love the irony of this rationale. Although, on the too-many times it's been yelled in my face, I wasn't able to really appreciate the subtleties. I was just trying to not react in a less than intelligent way, like say- laughing in their face. It's not always easy.
The speaker might as well have told me, "The Moon is made of chocolate, and its dripped all over their car!" All I can do is maybe hand them a napkin and go on about my business. 

If I don't see any truth in your story, or think your Jesus dude is anyone's 'savior', or that your God or any god created the sky or the dirt or did anything at any time, anywhere; why would I fear some horrible place you refer to as Hell? Why would I worry I'm going to wind up somewhere I don't think exists? 
If I worry about anything, it's that there are many young people who learn to argue about their 'beliefs' before their minds start to work. 

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Last Thursdayism is always a fun concept to bring up to a YEC.


Hahahaha! I just pulled Thursday out of the air.

If people can believe that, they might as well believe that the world was created last Thursday, God having implanted in our minds false memories of our life up till then.

That was indeed proposed (tongue in cheek) by Robert A. Heinlein in "Job: A Comedy Of Justice" (strongly recommended reading BTW--it turns out, in this fictitious universe that doG exists but nothing is as advertised); it turns out that the main character discovers that although the universe is 14 billion years old (the number wasn't refined back when RAH wrote the book by nearly as much science as it is today), it was in fact created 6000 years ago... already aged 13,999,994,000 years.  Nice way to square the circle.  I am sure someone else thought of it before Heinlein did though.

Huh.  Thanks.  I had never heard the term.

I mostly call them "ignorant". ;-)

Robert, you're generalizing again, and as always you're doing it in Catholicism's favor.

The Catholicism of 1940s Cincinnati was fundamentalist. I remember only one grade school nun who spoke of "the gift of faith"; the others all said that if people heard of Catholicism and didn't convert, they would go to Hell. 

I can't speak to what happens in every parish on the planet, @Tom.  I have no doubt that there are bad Catholic catechists the way there are bad scientists, bad public school teachers, or bad anything.

All I can offer is the genuine / "general" teaching as you put it. 

So you are saying that people wrote the bible.  And that you (not you personally) did pick and choose.  Hmmmmm.  Thought so. 

Yep, absolutely!

A god that should be feared is not worth a moment of thought in my opinion. Fear creates extremism. These  god fearing people scare the crap out of me and make me wonder what they would do if they knew I didn't believe.

I don't have the sheep-zombie-slave gene. a slight mutation has you shagging little boys and flying jets into skyscrapers.

Jehovah's Witnesses and the LDS (Mormon) church don't believe in Hell! 


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