If you are a non- believer, why be moral when no one is looking?

If you are a non- believer in, all that you do is being recorded in the heavens, why be moral when no one is looking?

If there are no records and no witness, why not do anything you want?


If no one sees you do it, then is it a deed not done?


If all of this is true, then why do we have a conscience, where did it come.


We are told in scriptures that our conscience is our natural way of doing God's will in the absence of his Law.

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Thanks Arcus, that was the kindest slap in the face yet :)


Oh Oh, Rosemary is taking off the kit gloves again :(

It is a paraphrasing generally referred to the "hatchet job that killed Keats" and the most known book review in history. I shall continue the paraphrasing:

This author is a copyist of other Fundie bullshitters; but he is more unintelligible, almost as rugged, twice as diffuse, and ten times more tiresome and absurd than his prototypes, who, though he impudently presumed to seat himself in the chair of criticism, and to measure his own prose by his own standard, yet generally had a meaning. But Michael had advanced no dogmas which he was bound to support by examples; his nonsense therefore is quite gratuitous; he writes it for its own sake, and, being bitten by Fundie bullshitters insane criticism, more than rivals the insanity of their prose.

Michael, however, deprecates criticism on this "immature and feverish work" in terms which are themselves sufficiently feverish; and we confess that we should have abstained from inflicting upon him any of the tortures of the "fierce hell" of criticism, which terrify his imagination, if he had not begged to he spared in order that he might write more; if we had not observed in him a certain degree of talent which deserves to be put in the right way, or which, at least, ought to be warned of the wrong; and if, finally, he had not told us that he is of an age and temper which imperiously require mental discipline.


I like Victorian writing, even when it is parphrased and used on me :)


!!!!!! :-)

Logic exists regardless of our individual capacity for it. Education and objectivity widens our perspectives and opens our Minds to Horizons we can investigate and enquire about. Wishing for a God to look after us and guide us is abdicating our responsibility for ourselves and submitting to the fears of our primitive ancestors. It also diminishes the importance of the life you have.

When you know that this life is all you have, it becomes much more important to make the most out of it.

Do you live for your life on Earth or your afterlife? Do you behave as ethically as possible out of fear of eternal damnation or because it's the right thing to do?

Thanks James, maybe I will break the record, LOL.


I've heard this question from weak minded believers way to much. Did you stop and think about what this question implies about you? Try this "If you don't believe then why do the right thing? Why not kill everyone? After all it's not like god is watching." So now tell me. Is god the only reason you can think of to NOT kill people and just go around being a dick? If so your saying without god you personally are a killing, raping, maniac. I for one am glad I don't really know you in life! To say that it takes god to be moral is to say "I am not a moral person in and of myself." " I would be a total looser if I didn't believe in god and I would likely slit your throat." Is this what you mean by your question? Bye the way, even monkeys have learned that moral and kind behavior has benefits while an asshair attitude gets you the outcast title for a door prize.

Sorry you misinterpreted. I said that the Law of the Land and a conscience suffice as sufficient emulations of God.


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