If you are a non- believer, why be moral when no one is looking?

If you are a non- believer in, all that you do is being recorded in the heavens, why be moral when no one is looking?

If there are no records and no witness, why not do anything you want?


If no one sees you do it, then is it a deed not done?


If all of this is true, then why do we have a conscience, where did it come.


We are told in scriptures that our conscience is our natural way of doing God's will in the absence of his Law.

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I can see you and Rosemary knocking them down now.


Now be polite Rosemary and I promise not to close the thread.

Whay woud you jump from "something unproven proves something else which is also unproven?"  This is just utterly fallacious logic!  What have you done with your brain?

As a psychology major... I have probably found Cognitive Psychology the most fascinating. The HEALTHY human brain is subject to an astonishing number of errors. Visual hallucinations are quite common in the healthy brain and can happen on a very regular basis. The brain's tendency to Apophenia makes discerning reality even more complicated. Apophenia is just the scientific term for the where the pattern seeking evolutionary trait in humans goes overboard and starts seeing patterns and significance in things where there is none. A great example of apophenia is the belief that because you thought of a person just before they called you on the telephone, that it must be supernatural. Actually, this is an occurrence that happens on average to 4 people a minute around the globe. It is a complete coincidence, but it appears to our human minds to have a significance that isn't there.


The human mind is prone to even more errors than this. A whole book could be written on it. But I think I have made my point.

I'm sorry Michael. Did I offend? That really wasn't my intention. I meant every word of it. If you would like the evidence for that which i have stated, seriously, watch some animal planet or NatGeo. I could suggest some reading, The Ancestor's Tale, The Selfish Gene, The Culture of Mammals and I'm sure that if you dig a little deeper you will find many more resources than these. I wish i could suggest more books not written by Richard Dawkins, but he's kind of an authority on the subject. Rest assured these first two books are removed from his views on religion and focus on evolutionary biology and biology in general. Don't take this the wrong way. I am simply trying to help you find the answer's to the questions that you posted. 

Steve Jones new Darwin book is pretty excellent too Chris.

Don't worry. Michael takes offense at things as imaginary as his skyfairy friend. I'm pretty convinced that what he writes rarely has anything to do with what he reads, as he can't seem to demonstrate even basic understanding of some very clearly written posts.

Because it's the right thing to do. Actually, I think I am more moral than most Christians. And I don't do the right thing because I will go to heaven. I treat people/creatures how I want to be treated, with respect and love. I also think the bible teaches the exact opposite.

Hey I'm ignorant of a great number of things. I am not trying to put myself out there as some great intelligence. I am not suggesting that I am smarter than you, I am simply suggesting that maybe I have payed attention to different things and read a few books that you haven't. They interest me, that's all.


No offense taken, welcome to the debate

Oh, btw Michael, this questionnaire is for you too - http://www.thinkatheist.com/xn/detail/1982180:Comment:764535

I call dibs on you. Now make me a sandwich.



Ill never understand why the religious are obsessed with virgins. 


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