If you are a non- believer, why be moral when no one is looking?

If you are a non- believer in, all that you do is being recorded in the heavens, why be moral when no one is looking?

If there are no records and no witness, why not do anything you want?


If no one sees you do it, then is it a deed not done?


If all of this is true, then why do we have a conscience, where did it come.


We are told in scriptures that our conscience is our natural way of doing God's will in the absence of his Law.

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Hey you were the one who brought up your profile in the first place. And the way I see it, none of the comments above questioned your professional credentials, so I don't know why you had to bring that up.

I'm an atheist homosexual CFO of a booming charity. I have a nice home in a wonderful and exciting city. I am happy and dating half of NYC and the sex is great!!!!! too - usually. I have a clear conscience, no debt, a really really nice dog. The non-god has been good to me.

"Prove me now herewith"

I asked god for proof of his existence. He refused to comment on the matter, much like you do whenever pushed for evidence.

"I'm an atheist homosexual CFO of a booming charity."

Congrats on your successes! :)

.... I am confused as to how this was an answer to my question.


I asked you two things, why you must to believe that something comes from nothing. And, if Science later proves that the conscience was NOT created by God, what you would do. The point I was making was that if humans, well certain ones, can’t explain WHY something is, was, or isn’t they use God as a catch all to explain what they themselves can’t understand. It seems that every time Science finds an answer for something Theists find another place to hide God. When there are no places left where will God be then.


All you've accomplished in exhibiting your self-importance is to completely avoiding my questions.  Not to mention made an ignorant statement. Let me explain, according to you, you accomplished absolutely nothing on your own. Instead you relied on God to do it for you. So technically without God you would be a poor, wrinkled up, unhealthy, hooligan. Only the weak minded rely on others to accomplish every thing in life for them.


And, it may just be because I am atheist and maybe God took this one off his list but the last time I checked isn’t pride still a sin?



I see that you are an adherent of the American Prosperity Gospel. 

Tell that to Jesus.  He had a very poor opinion of the rich and well-off. He did not seem to think that they were fit to enter heaven.  How come you are different?


Tell that to poor Job. His god allowed him and members of his family to be mercilessly tortured and/or killed by Satan as the result of wager that god had with this devil.  With Satan.  You know, the bad angel that he kicked out of heaven and sent to hell because his holy nature could not tolerate this angel's presence. 

The nature of the Yahweh god must have changed a lot over the eons as the biblical record shows that he later spent quite a bit of time consorting with this criminal and conspiring to do harm to the innocent and most faithful of his servants.  By today's legal standards this makes the Yahweh god a criminal also.

How do you know you won't be this fickle god's next wagering victim?


Who in his right mind would want to spend eternity with a mind like that? 



The fact that you haven't been banned from this site for your own obvious trolling shows that to be an empty threat. You are obviously not interested in intelligent debate, or you would have acknowledged that your point has been shot down long, long ago. You are a troll, Michael, and a particularly ignorant troll. You trolling amazes me by your complete lack of anything worth reading. I'm enjoying the other commenter's responses immensely, but every time I see your avatar, I grit my teeth, because I know it's going to be more vapid, content-free bullshit that doesn't advance the conversation at all. Please crawl back into your hole and STFU.

Well get out the pop corn, I see that you are still here. You can even sit in the VIP section if you put on shirt. Well sit tight and continue to enjoy and if you leave don't let the exit door slap you on your naked backside. 

Temper. Temper.  How is that kind of immature behavior consistent with your version of a conscience?

There's more than one good reason to assume with a positive attitude that a believer posting a question here is sincere.

For example, believers who happen to read our conversations can actually learn from our well thought out, sincere answers.

Meanwhile, escalating the anger/flame often spirals into more trollish behavior/flames, which is almost always a waste of time for everyone except for those just here to burn off steam.

The answer to these questions seem more and more obvious to me over time, and it's pretty simple: empathy. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. Even animals know how to treat each other in mutually beneficial ways. The biggest difference between we humans and other animals may be that we can speculate and make up all kinds of reasons for why we are the way we are.

Intelligence is a most powerful tool, for better and worse, good and evil. We create our own good, and evil.


Yes still the neural circuitry has to come from some where? And in an evolution scheme based on survival of the fitness, this poses an enigma. 


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