If you are a non- believer, why be moral when no one is looking?

If you are a non- believer in, all that you do is being recorded in the heavens, why be moral when no one is looking?

If there are no records and no witness, why not do anything you want?


If no one sees you do it, then is it a deed not done?


If all of this is true, then why do we have a conscience, where did it come.


We are told in scriptures that our conscience is our natural way of doing God's will in the absence of his Law.

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Im moral for me. 


For my mental well being


For the safety and health of myself and those around me. 


For the comfort of my society


For the comfort of my family.


For the good of my species.


If that isnt enough reason and you really need a made up daddy in the sky who says dont do it or ill fucking spank you then what makes you think the spanking will stop you?

All men are driven by dark desires, even if they don't  act on them.

You have just stated your conscience. And without that conscience, it would be anarchy behind close doors. 



I assure you all my desires are quite good. Why would someone have dark desires?


And btw your right about the door. Im behind the door have been my whole life. And its nice out here on this side of the door in the open air without the need for a god whisper in my ear. 


I have cognitive reasoning, the bonding of my species and society, and the vast universe to comfort and guide me.

Just as humans have "dark" desires, they have a strong inborn impetus to create and sustain the good. 


Without his conscience it would be anarchy on both sides of door.

We are driven by all kinds of desires. I like to create art and music- not too dark of a desire.

Desire for love, sex, money, happiness, friends, family, art, music, science, progress, freedom, space travel, work, a job, a promotion- add anything people do- a desire for more stamps if you're a stamp collector. None dark.


Desire is not bad- sex is not bad- in fact it's pretty damn excellent if I do say so myself.


Desiring sex is not dark. Desiring love and friendship is not dark. Desiring money to send your children to school and for food to feed them, or even to get a Playstation is not dark.


I desire to make the world a better place. 


Desiring to kill is dark. Being commanded to do so by a fake diety is darker still as you now have to satiate the fake diety's desire- which is really your own- unless god actually "made you do it"- which is the darkest yet as you have given up your freewill.


Take responsibility for your own actions- nobody and nothing gives you conscience or morals- they are innate and evolved- and are still evolving.


You said in one of your posts that you were an atheist...???? What stopped you from going on a killing rampage, raping and eating babies for that time in your life? As you obviously had NO morals for a while being an atheist and all.


Without a conscience it would be anarchy? Why? 

Without a conscience and our evolved thought processes including our innate but imperfect morality- we would not be the same species. We would not have cities, towns, agriculture, TV, internet because there would be no humans. No conscience, no language, no knowledge, no nothing- we'd still be in trees just another animal on a planet with life but not "intelligence"

In the absense of human conscience are animals anarchists? Before we evolved on the scene, was that anarchy? If there were no humans on the planet, would that be anarchy? Nope just evolution, chaotic and unorganized, but not anarchy.

Seriously, look at the headlines. "Who knows what evil dwells in the hearts of men, only the Shadow knows"

Michael: you might not be aware of this, but atheists generally are appalled by theists morality and motivations.  We have thought about it, discussed it extensively, and pretty much know why we do what we do.

You are unlikely to come here, ask a (very old) question like this one, and catch us out.

Much more likely is that you will hear why we are a bit horrified by theist morality and motivations.  In fact, it is so bad, we think that actually you are unlikely to really mean what you say.

And in case you had forgotten: many of us here were devout and serious theists, some like me, for many years.

When I dropped my religion, I was delighte to discover that actually my morality improved somewhat, as I had greater clarity.  My concern for the plight of others in no way waned; I did not feel any ned to start treating people badly - and now I had no excuses for doing so either.

Do you mind me asking why you have raised the question?  And in case you've not seen this amusing cartoon...http://27bslash6.com/easter.html It addresses your question quite reasonably.

Lastly. why do you think anyone here cares what is written in 'scripture'?  I assume you mean your particular scripture?  Do you really think you might convert folks here by the paraphrasing the bible? Do you think you will make progress with whatever agenda it is you've got by telling us what the bible says?  We probably know already, have thought about it long and hard, and have rejected it for the folly and bronze age desert nonsense contained therein.

No particular agenda.

In most of the intelligent responses , the operative here is still a conscience, though it has been euphemized many ways,  of which I contend is created by God. Animals do not evolve a conscience in a survival of the fittest scheme. This is a perplexing enigma among many social scientist. 


Once again if god created the conscience and its based on moral values of gods choosing.. then why does everyone not have the same conscience?

Animals do not evolve a conscience in a survival of the fittest scheme.

I disagree. Can you back up this statement with evidence?


My dog still behaves when I'm not looking because he's conditioned to.
I behave the way I do behind closed doors simply because I couldn't live with being a hypocrite. And yeah. That also means I flaunt laws that I don't believe in to some degree.

No one is perfect but for the most part, I feel that treating others the way I want to be treated is a basic law of altruistic, pack animal mentality. It's not a sign of god that I generally want what's best for my species. Or my environment.

It freaks me out to think that there are people out there running around who feel such a sense of malice towards their fellow human that the only thing stopping them from inflicting harm is the threat of more harm being done to them.
That's straight up crazy.
Fuck, dude. Even most animals in the wild only kill for damn good reason....and they don't believe in gods.
Guess some instincts evolve slower than others..

I agree with you Misty


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