If there was a religion that was free from homophobia, sexism, child abuse, animal abuse and promoted education in all spheres, including medical and technological/scientific.....would you consider it?

What if someone you loved asked you to convert?
On what reasons would you refuse?

Let's say it was a form of Deism..... A great creator/pasta/ham sandwich/ alien set off the big bang. When we die, our energy (spirit) is transformed into another version of 'us' that is either recycled (reincarnated) progressed (to another dimension) or reunited (into a oneness/heaven with our creator)
Science doesn't have the technology to chart this transformation yet, but as the years continue, there are hints that it might be correct.

~~Anyway, this is the best idea of a perfect religion I could come up with. The real question is, if there was a plausible, hate-less, beneficial religion on the planet, would you go for it? What if you had a good reason to? How would it effect you, as a person.~~~

Oh yeah, give me your ideas of a 'perfect' religion.
Let's not start a cult, though...

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What Dreams May Come?
We could have a perfect religion,no hate,no rape etc but of course someone would come along, take it over and use it for their own benefits,, and guess what another religion would arise where only a few will survive and the rest bombed to oblivion..
That's actually one of the points of view i had when I was still in my 'unorganized Christian' period. At the time, I believed in God, but also firmly believed that all organized religions were not only wrong, but also dangerously malicious, as they had been corrupted and twisted by ambitious and immoral people, an inevitable result of human fallibility.
Sure, magic & gods are real.

I'm a high priest of the goddess of love and culture, with a hobby as a 20th level arch mage.

I sail the astral seas, the many universes, and the rivers of time spreading art, music, literature, knowledge, gourmet food and good feelings on a magic pirate ship with my band of close friends and lovers as well as a rotating cast of interesting characters, great artists and thinkers, and space aliens.
I should have specified that table top RPGs don't count.
*puts away his D&D books* Aww...
~And steals your Cthulu book, too.~
Iya, iya, Cthulhu fhtagn!
Perfect religion is the ultimate oxymoron...

I refuse to "worship" anything.
I can enjoy the magnificence of nature in awe and appreciation for being in that moment....
I can experience love in the smiles and laughter of my children and the stolen moments of quiet with my wife...
I can appreciate the miraculous nature of the universe of the vast expanse of space-time on a starry evening...
I can revel in the joy of comradery while reminiscing with my best friend; or the self-fulfillment of giving back to society and to the advance of the species when contemplating my career and my life's work...
I can marvel at the percentage of the universe that we do not know anything about (compared to the tiniest of slivers that we inhabit) and get lost in the expanse of it all...
I can feel at once in tune with all of nature and the universe through meditation and calm...

But NONE of these things (all of which I consider life worth living for) require ANY kind of sky-daddy or "worship" in any kind of traditional sense.

The best religion? A dead one, one that we can apply cautionary lessons from, safe from it creating any new human misery in its wake...
@ Dan: Beautifully said!

The human experience and the wonders of nature are more than enough for me to be happy with. I think the deluded are really missing out on a terrific reality!
I don't think I would join it, but I would be open to participating in activities run by such a religion in a way that I am not to the prevalent Judeo-Christian organizations we currently have.

So if this perfect religion ran programs like Scouts and had some of the awesome locations that the many Church camps I know do and didn't use their programs/events as conversion tools, I would definitely be up for working with them, volunteering for them and maybe even donating funds for programs/land. And I'd probably be more on the agnostic side than the atheist in terms of that religion's deity, as it sounds more plausible than any current gods. All that being said, I still wouldn't feel right worshipping that god unless I had some reason to believe it existed aside from a lack of a reason not to, which is all that you implied it would have.
I would just be happy if the religions we already have would 'grow-up' a little quicker. I can't go backwards to accept any of the proposed supernatural religious answers already on the table but I could conceive of the possibility of following a humanistic practice of self discipline, natural ethics and morals, exploring creativity, expression, hope, joy, love, peace, communal effort and support, living for more than yourself, giving back to the world and trying to make things better for all etc...

Really the sky's the limit if you have no artificial boundaries or sacred cows. Who's to say what the possibilities are? I don't think any ideology of man has scratched the barest surface of the mystery that is our existence. No religion, no science (yet) no philosophy etc. Man has only been around an 'eye-blink' of time in this universe to think we've got a grasp on anything is hubris to the nth degree.

Often it is the religious that want to jump to the conclusion of a supernatural existence before exploring the limits of the one we are already in. The truth is we haven't even begun to look at this existence yet.

Who knows if there may not be some type of future gestault for the human race. I'm talking from the ground up evolution and not a top down supernatural return.


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