If there was a religion that was free from homophobia, sexism, child abuse, animal abuse and promoted education in all spheres, including medical and technological/scientific.....would you consider it?

What if someone you loved asked you to convert?
On what reasons would you refuse?

Let's say it was a form of Deism..... A great creator/pasta/ham sandwich/ alien set off the big bang. When we die, our energy (spirit) is transformed into another version of 'us' that is either recycled (reincarnated) progressed (to another dimension) or reunited (into a oneness/heaven with our creator)
Science doesn't have the technology to chart this transformation yet, but as the years continue, there are hints that it might be correct.

~~Anyway, this is the best idea of a perfect religion I could come up with. The real question is, if there was a plausible, hate-less, beneficial religion on the planet, would you go for it? What if you had a good reason to? How would it effect you, as a person.~~~

Oh yeah, give me your ideas of a 'perfect' religion.
Let's not start a cult, though...

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Convert? Probably not, unless there was some empirical evidence that it was true. just because a belief is not directly detrimental does not make it true, and I can't force myself to believe something without some kind of evidence for that belief. I'm past the deist period in my life.

However, I wouldn't be as opposed to it as I am religions which have openly detrimental effects. With it, I would probably revert back to my old position on religion, which is 'As long as they aren't hurting anyone or pushing their religion on me, they can believe what they like.' It would have to lack an evangelical aspect, though. It'd need to be more like the Masons in terms of recruiting. "We can't ask you to join, you have to ask us."

When you say plausible and "there are hints that it might be correct", do you mean that there is actual scientific evidence to support the religion's beliefs? If so, then I may accept the aspects with evidence to support them, but not the parts without. For example, if a religion teaches, as an article of faith, that U-238 is radioactive, the fact that that is a true statement does not mean that their belief that stars are gods is also true.

I'm not sure if I could come up with a 'perfect' religion. I'll have to think about it.
I have to say plausible and hints there might be correct, because if it had full proof, then it wouldn't be religion.. it would be reality.
For something to be religion, there has to be faith, right?
So, for my 'perfect' religion, we'll say that we've found a technology that allows us to monitor and measure the energy waves of the human soul-like-thing. They reflect the level of living human, and this measurement changes when people die or are born. You don't know what happens when it isn't there anymore, and you don't know where it comes from.. ect.
Considering my feelings today about religion, I dont think I would convert. They'd have to give me proof of whats gonna happen to me after I die, or else your perfect religion would be just another bullshit head-filler story.
I hate the word "plausible" too, cause I think all religions are plausible, just can't be verified.
Just thoughts here, but I think it's worth thinking.
I mean, would these followers discriminate everyone else not involved? Like : "If you don't join my hate-less and benifical religion, you're a work of evil for the world".........
who knows
Eh.. it wouldn't be perfect if it had the threat, right?

And I can't agree that all religions are plausible.
Torah is filled with absurdities (wrestling angels, talking animals, worldwide flood that carried a few folks and all the worlds animals) that wash over into Islam and Christianity.
Hinduism, likewise.
Buddhism is the closest I can come to non-laughable, but the forms I'm most familiar with are very much bastardized by Hinduism so that's a no go for me.

Mainly I'm asking you to come up with YOUR perfect religion, and then state why or why not you 'd follow it. :)
If I had to picture and join a perfect religion, I'd have to go with Sun worshipping.
The sun gives us everything we need, grows plants, grows trees, gives us the air we need to breath, gives us food, allows our agriculture.
I can see the sun and sunlight is everywhere, even in the shade.

I know it sounds silly, but no religion is perfect.
So I'm trying to think of the one thing that's the most benificial for humans in general....the sun. there ya go
You and George Carlin. :)
true that :)
I have to admit I forgot about that one. Great point!
Call me old-fashioned but I think we should worship the sun and moon as powerful gods, and fear them.
But I do!
Would I convert? No. Not without evidence that is is true. The teachings are good or beneficial, does not make it any more true. I can say that I wouldn't oppose such a religion though.

A 'perfect' religion will be different for everyone. For me, I need facts. But a religion without faith is not really a religion any more if you ask me. So as a person that requires facts, no religion would really 'work' for me, although I may agree with some aspects. Otherwise it like selecting the 'lesser evil' to believe in. If I were forced to follow one, it would be some sort of Scientific Deism. Some sort of force/god triggered the big bang, but from then on let the natural way take it's course. With minimal interference through the years and no afterlife. Yet promoting scientific inquiry an understanding. That would be about the closest idea I would consider entertaining.
I want an afterlife :(
Preferably one that would make me a god.


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