If the universe blinked into existence then the hypothesis is it blinks out of existence

I have posted a 40 page blog (diagrams not yet incorporated) that is my manifesto of reality, the universe.


It is not the video I posted weeks ago trying to clarify why the center of the universe may not be findable 14 billiions years after the big bang.


It is posted in my "think atheist blog area." Some of the text is simple but some of it is mathematics. It is the text of a book self-published with an ISBN called The Odd Average Atheist Bible. Note: I think any viable Bible needs to be fairly short and not have contradictions. Forty pages is a short bible.


There are a few hypothesis that are "eye opening." such as the one on the subject line. Some are hypothesis with meager evidence but are simply more logical than than a god creator. Other similar hypothesis include that it is the presence of Dark Matter in galaxies that catalize life if the chemical configuration is viable. I provide a "bullet proof" proof that the universe started without a start relying on start.


But another eye openers does have a genesis in evidence. When I formally publish the book, a footnote to the author is Ron Aronson and his recently published book Black Hole Wars. I tried a few times to contact him about it, but still I need to footnote it. The theory/hypothesis of his/mine which is eye openning and has some evidence is Dark Energy may be our solar system approaching a rogue event horizon black hole.


The rest I think are conclusions that are correct have evidence and need no footnotes. I throw in some ethics, and a chapter on the threat of population chaos. Very little I make a social engineering push. It is funny how many amateur social engineers are sure of solutions they have thought up.


davo of odd

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