Given the fervor from the religious and political right in the U.S, maybe it would be best for everyone if they got a place of their own to run as they see fit. They could institute all the selfish, bigoted, and poor-bashing policies they want. They could create their version of a utopia for themselves:

They could eliminate all taxes;
they could require that all people swear an oath to a christian god of some sort;
they could promote big business openly;
they could put up a huge fence to keep out "illegal aliens" and if any are found they could put them in jail for life or execute them;
they could blame poor people and brown people for all of their problems without fear of societal or legal repercussion;
they could outlaw abortion;
they could force women to stay home and raise the family's children with no support from the government;
they could institute long jail sentences for the smallest infractions;
they could bring back corporal punishment;
they could destroy the environment to their heart's content;
they could take anyone's property at will for a businessman who wants it;
they could have all their news come from FOX;
they could toss out evolution and make all science a "theory" that can't be proven;
they could put "In God We Trust" on anything they want, and maybe even require it on lots of stuff;
"So Help Me God" would be required to be part of any oath and an oath would be required pretty often;
health care would only be available to the rich;
the pursuit of money would officially replace the pursuit of happiness;
police would be given all sorts of powers without having to bother with pesky judges getting in the way;
no one would be considered innocent until proven so, and maybe not even then;
getting all riled up would be considered a virtue;
reason and logic would be frowned upon;
there could be bi-annual book burning parties;
the Internet would be highly restricted;
the homeless could be openly seen as sub-human and treated with no respect;
all public schools would become private, for-profit institutes of indoctrination;
all roads would be toll roads;
all water and electric service would be for-profit entities;
they could name as many things as they want after Ronald Reagan;
sex would be banned outside of heterosexual marriage;
homosexuals would be harshly punished and tagged as sex offenders;
faith healers would be given equal status with medical doctors;
the death penalty would be the only thing applied liberally;
judges would be required to swear an oath to keep extenuating circumstances out of the courtroom;
all drug offenses would carry a mandatory life sentence;
religious discrimination would be required by all employers;
censors would be employed in the music, video game, and motion picture industries;
art would be considered valid only if it was bland and plain;
prayer in school would be mandatory;
Welfare, Social Security and Medicare/Medicade would be eliminated;
anyone who was offended by language or someone else showing any skin could easily sue for damages;
public displays of affection would be banned;
divorce would be nearly impossible to get;
beliefs would be praised as a virtue and knowledge would be considered an annoyance.

We could let them have The South, given that so many of them are there already.

Would anyone really mind if The South seceded again? Would the rest of us put up such a fight the next time?

Maybe we could all agree to them have it. Establish a period of 3 years or so where people could move in or out, and then let the Confederate States of America re-establish itself.

The rest of us could breathe a huge sigh of relief and live much happier lives.

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I thought the arrows were children...

Yes, daring, children--conceived by the miracle of immaculate conception.

Geez. I can't even have a good rant without people getting all statistical and looking for facts!! :)

Seriously, though, I lived and worked all over the south for many years, having left there only a few years ago. I found a lot of bigotry, racism, and right-wing religious nonsense everywhere. It's still the majority attitude, from what I could see. They're loud, too. And annoying.

They try to be subtle sometimes, but it doesn't really work, especially when they're mad, which seems like it's pretty often. When they think they're alone (like I'm one of them), those attitudes come bursting forth with all kinds of historical pride. It's as if they are saying "My daddy was an ignorant bigot, as was his daddy, and his daddy, too. So, I'm proud of my bigotry."

Things might be changing, but I didn't see much evidence of it personally. The attitudes that produce fundamentalist christians still rule, I think. They still rule state and local governments and run the schools. There are exceptions, of course. We can only hope that the exceptions become the rule.
Well, if there ever were talk of secession, I'd sure like to know so I could gtfo before it happened. I don't want to be trapped here, flayed and crispened by a bunch of god-lovin,' racist, bigoted, ignorant twat mops.

If the South did want to secede, you'd have to take all the crazy right-wing nutbags and put them here. The media could cover the exodus to the South, Lou Dobbs could be their king. Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck - shit, the entire Fox News Network and all of its people - the LDS, all the wackos - all of them would have to move. The Republicans could have their perfect, capitalist society where money is everything and "schools" could continuously churn out the next generation of workers. They'd have to keep some "ethnics" to cut the grass and take care of the trash, but other than that, everything would come from corporations.

Of course, before all this happened the reasonable people would have to leave the South for saner pastures, which would be sad for us, but at least we'd get some respite from teh stoopid. Then they could have it. We could take a giant land saw and make a border and fill it with lots of water and populate the water with several kinds of carnivorous water-beasts. Then, those guys could have their crazy and eat it, too.

Those pictures - they're pretty much indicative of the way a lot of people think down here. Sometimes they're too "polite" to say it right out until they're in homogeneous company, but you spend enough time here and you can read the looks on their faces; they needn't say a word.

You can take a guy with an IQ of 180, a brilliant engineer, and he'll tell you that he's completely and totally convinced Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who's trying to turn our country into a fascist, socialist nation. All in one sentence. Seriously. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary - and some explanation of fascism and socialism, he cannot be convinced otherwise.

I've been tempted to move, but I won't. At least not yet. I know more and more atheists who come out every year. There are about four or five users in Macon (or the Macon area) on this site now (2 of them I know personally) and there will be more undoubtedly in the coming year. That blue stripe across the middle of Georgia on the County-By-County results map will grow (I hope). Some of you folks with blue to spare ought to send your best, brightest, and most friendly down here to help recruit. Some people do listen to reason. And, truly, the urban south is different. It's far more progressive than the rural south(as you can see from the nice, blue ribbon that adorns the bible belt). I was in my third year at college (this was in 2001) and met a freshman from a very rural town in Georgia who, until her first week there, had never seen a black person that wasn't on television.

I don't mean to imply that all atheists are democrats, but they're probably more likely to vote that way. I'm not a member of any party, but I do have a preference for the Democrats, and not because I agree in whole with the Democratic platform. From my observation, Republicans today are less politically conservative and more morally conservative. But that's really another discussion altogether...

I have one problem with this concept, that is that these people feel they should rule the world and would probably no longer need excuses to go to war (Destroy the godless heathens). If this was to happen it would indeed be a scary day for all people in the world.

I'm moving out of the south at the end of the year. They can have my share and the rest of it. Life is too short to live among such ignorant hateful assholes. Let them secede and we can all watch as they tear each other apart.

Not sure my home state would go with the rest of the South again. Floridians range from hardcore thumpers to atheists who get arrested while protesting religion creeping into local govt. Last time I visited friends in Georgia, some of locals gave me real attitude when they found out I was from Florida. I have a soft spot for backwoods folk (and banjo music.) They generally only murder the ones they love.

The food in New Orleans is just too damn good to give up without a fight.

There's a great book about this topic:

Better Off Without Em by Chuck Thompson

This is a super-entertaining read, and remains fairly respectful of the south. He casts it as an amicable split. Highly recommended!

Along the way, he interacts with possum-hunting conservatives, trailer park lifers, prayer warriors, and other regional trendsetters, showing that the South’s church-driven morality, politics, and personality never have and never will define the region as a fully committed part of the United States.

That's funny...gonna read that one. Funny how this place down here goes off on the 4th. Some very heavy ordinance. Couple of years ago some local burnt themselves up in a car loaded with fireworks,

Car loaded with fire works! Here in Texas they LOVE to blow shit up., regardless of the holidays. I have noticed that the more ignorant and slow witted are obsessed with fire arms. But that makes perfect sense to me.

I am not really going to comment on your south splitting off as I am not american but your post reminded my of something an English friend of our was talking about a little while back. In the UK some of those in Scotland are looking for that sub state to cede off from the English Union. She argued that not only should the Scots have a vote on this, the English should too, pointing out that it could be interesting if the population of England voted to rid themselves of Scotland while the Scots voted to remain in the Union. She then went on to tell us a joke about how the English viewed the Scots as they viewed piles, Ok when they came down and went back up again but a pain in the arse when they came down and stayed down ! On this note how about the whole of the USA voting on the southern states going it alone?

Nina van der Roos.


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