Given the fervor from the religious and political right in the U.S, maybe it would be best for everyone if they got a place of their own to run as they see fit. They could institute all the selfish, bigoted, and poor-bashing policies they want. They could create their version of a utopia for themselves:

They could eliminate all taxes;
they could require that all people swear an oath to a christian god of some sort;
they could promote big business openly;
they could put up a huge fence to keep out "illegal aliens" and if any are found they could put them in jail for life or execute them;
they could blame poor people and brown people for all of their problems without fear of societal or legal repercussion;
they could outlaw abortion;
they could force women to stay home and raise the family's children with no support from the government;
they could institute long jail sentences for the smallest infractions;
they could bring back corporal punishment;
they could destroy the environment to their heart's content;
they could take anyone's property at will for a businessman who wants it;
they could have all their news come from FOX;
they could toss out evolution and make all science a "theory" that can't be proven;
they could put "In God We Trust" on anything they want, and maybe even require it on lots of stuff;
"So Help Me God" would be required to be part of any oath and an oath would be required pretty often;
health care would only be available to the rich;
the pursuit of money would officially replace the pursuit of happiness;
police would be given all sorts of powers without having to bother with pesky judges getting in the way;
no one would be considered innocent until proven so, and maybe not even then;
getting all riled up would be considered a virtue;
reason and logic would be frowned upon;
there could be bi-annual book burning parties;
the Internet would be highly restricted;
the homeless could be openly seen as sub-human and treated with no respect;
all public schools would become private, for-profit institutes of indoctrination;
all roads would be toll roads;
all water and electric service would be for-profit entities;
they could name as many things as they want after Ronald Reagan;
sex would be banned outside of heterosexual marriage;
homosexuals would be harshly punished and tagged as sex offenders;
faith healers would be given equal status with medical doctors;
the death penalty would be the only thing applied liberally;
judges would be required to swear an oath to keep extenuating circumstances out of the courtroom;
all drug offenses would carry a mandatory life sentence;
religious discrimination would be required by all employers;
censors would be employed in the music, video game, and motion picture industries;
art would be considered valid only if it was bland and plain;
prayer in school would be mandatory;
Welfare, Social Security and Medicare/Medicade would be eliminated;
anyone who was offended by language or someone else showing any skin could easily sue for damages;
public displays of affection would be banned;
divorce would be nearly impossible to get;
beliefs would be praised as a virtue and knowledge would be considered an annoyance.

We could let them have The South, given that so many of them are there already.

Would anyone really mind if The South seceded again? Would the rest of us put up such a fight the next time?

Maybe we could all agree to them have it. Establish a period of 3 years or so where people could move in or out, and then let the Confederate States of America re-establish itself.

The rest of us could breathe a huge sigh of relief and live much happier lives.

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I'd like enough warning to get out before they decide to burn me at the stake.
Doone is 100% right. Atlanta is completely different from the part of Georgia where I live. Nonbelievers actually are the second largest (non)religious group in Georgia. And Florida isn't like the rest of the south at all. I actually think that within my lifetime the south will become significantly more liberal.
A friend of mine from the Chattanooga area where I used to live uploaded a few pics to my comment wall and I thought I'd share them here. ( Tracy, I hope that's okay! ) These were taken in Dunlap, she said, which is just one county over from where the famous Scopes "money trial" took place in 1925. When you look at these you can see what I mean about the South. I don't think you'd see this kind of stuff from the other side anywhere else but in the South. I could be wrong, though. I've just not seen it.

I've never seen anything this crazy without the members of the Westboro Baptist Church clan nearby!

Can we just start calling them the Westboro Baptist Clan, or Westboro Baptist Cult now? Even the KKK has put a disclaimer on their site, claiming absolutely no involvement with the WBC. That's like Hitler meeting the Kim Jong family, then stepping over to the Allies and saying, "Okay, I just want you to know that I have nothing to do with that group of psychos over there.

I grew up in Mississippi, and now live in Texas, and I have to say, that if we were to give these freaks a place to live, we'd better get ready to carpet bomb it as soon as the gates are locked. Because it's a special kind of evil that thinks it's right with god, and that kind of evil should be eliminated with extreme vigilance.

Many of these people I can't even talk to, such as some of the customers who shop at my store who are members of the Aryan Brotherhood would likely shoot me in the parking lot if they found out about me either being gay or an Atheist.

I thought the OP was satire...?

I was attempting to illustrate. He meant it as satire, but even as a joke, it's a frightening thought for one such as me who has so much to lose if people like that ever got their bible thumping hands on real power.

Some of these don't even make sense:

Muslim guru defiled dead politician churches god bless who


20 churches in city limits with 221 votes legalized whiskey ???? church


Logic and coherence are rarely on the tops of these people's priorities. They just like shouting controversial keywords and statistics that they likely made up.

I have plans for Texas. (See the court case blog)
do conservatives in america usually have more children than liberals?

because in judaism (in israel) that's certainly the case... i'm talking about numbers like 12 children per family...

Yes. It's got a name over here: the Quiverfull movement. Get it? Your quiver (uterus...or perhaps, vagina) will always be full of arrows (gee, I just can't imagine what the arrows symbolize). Aren't those conservatives crafty? 


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