if someone told you they could show you the devil, would you go after the proof?

Hey all, I met this guy that apparently worships satan and says he's real, and he could show him to me. All I'd have to do is read the bible backwards in a dark room, or follow him to any dark crossroad in the middle of the night. Yes, it sounds ridiculous! But if there actually was a 'devil' would youy go out of your way to see for yourself? Has anyone ever heard these myths before? I'm tempted to give one a try, I just don't trust that guy enough to go out in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I know its a crazy thought, but I just have to wonder.

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Plus it would be awfully fun to rub it in his face when nothing happens! Which is exactly what I expect!
Read the bible backwards in a dark room?
A) You'd have to be a very fast reader to do that on one day.
B) He's talking about a dark room...It's pretty hard to read with no lights on, is it? :P

I would personally only try out things that sound...well....realistic!
Reading a bible backwards to see the devil is like playing a song backwards to hear how "satanic" the lyrics are. (except for that one Beatles song, where you just get a recipe for soup)

I wouldn't believe any of his claims. Remember that worshiping the devil is basically the same as worshiping god...Just another imaginary friend.

Ask him if there aren't any other ways to see the devil, and if nothing happens...Just sit back and laugh.
I recommend not going.

Plus, this is bullshit. Any religion is stuffed with superstition. God, devil, angels, fairies, bullshit.

Also, I think that when you do the 'rub it in your face' he will do something unexpected, and maybe stupid, to convince you that the devil showed himself there.

"Do you feel something?"
"It must be the devil."
I thought the only way to summon Satan was to play Hillary Duff backwards? But seriously, I don't think its a good idea to go with this guy to some remote road in the middle of the night. At least not without a big can of mace.
...Or a baseball bat....Or a gun....Or a gun that shoots baseball bats...[/epic combo]
A gun that shoots baseball bats, you say? If there is a God, then it must be you!
That would in fact be very epic.
What "proof" would it take? How would you know it's the devil when you saw it? What does the devil look like? Fallen angel? Pitchfork and horns? Calibos from "Clash of the Titans"? What traits would the devil have that would convince you that it is real?

It's hard to prove a myth.
The devil will look rather pale.
I would think more sunburned from the hellfire. ;-)
I always assumed he would be red, like in cartoons.


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