if someone told you they could show you the devil, would you go after the proof?

Hey all, I met this guy that apparently worships satan and says he's real, and he could show him to me. All I'd have to do is read the bible backwards in a dark room, or follow him to any dark crossroad in the middle of the night. Yes, it sounds ridiculous! But if there actually was a 'devil' would youy go out of your way to see for yourself? Has anyone ever heard these myths before? I'm tempted to give one a try, I just don't trust that guy enough to go out in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I know its a crazy thought, but I just have to wonder.

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Why not? I think it might be interesting to meet Fred Phelps...
" follow him to any dark crossroad in the middle of the night. "

You'd see the devil alright.
Ya, I'd only go if I was in the mood to meet Tom Waits.
Some people saw the devil, some people saw the real devil a.k.a. god... If you want to be taken as a fool... go ahead, do what he says. You think you lose something if you just ignore him?

I met Death today. We are playing chess.

1. I would either have to be very bored, or
2. The conditions would have to sound plausible.

Besides, the devil sends me my phone bill every month. Damn Verizon.
you're a free thinker. Use your logic and common sense here. you know this is not the way to find proof. Even if something did happen....you couldn't prove what it was.
No I would not go out of my way to have 'proof' of the devil. What you would find is what your own mind creates. We create our own gods and devils. So if I want a devil I can make it up by reading a bible backwards in a dark room (do you get a flashlight? and how tedious would that be?) or going to a cross roads on a dark night (been there done that, no devil). Or I could do a dance, bake a cake, or whatever I want to.

Tell your friend you can't see the devil because you don't have one in your head.
I think he was just messing with you.
Just tune into Fox News. You'll see him there.
Tell us how it goes.
The whole bible? And is it out loud, or to yourself? And is it the words backwards, the letters backwards, or the sounds backwards?

And how the hell can you read anything at all in a dark room? Don't you need light to read?

As to following a guy alone to any dark crossroad in the middle of the night is just plain dangerous, even with "the devil" out of the equation. But just to play along: what time is the "middle" of the night? Midnight? Eastern, Central, or Pacific? Is that Daylight or Standard?


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