If religion were to be abolished completely (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.), what do you believe would be the outcome because of it?

Hey, everyone! I was just wondering what you believe would happen if humans became smart enough to abolish religion? Personally, I believe that wars would come to an all-time low or even an end, and it might induce world peace. Since there would be no religion to argue about, I believe that people would be a lot nicer to each other and have a more diverse range of friends. The only downside is that it would make things like racism and sexism a lot more common, since race, sex, and religion are the most discriminated against groups right now. What do you guys think? Is there anything I missed?

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That there are no excuses explains atheism's toxicity to religion, which instills and requires a passive obedience.

My religion doesn't instill or require a passive obedience, and we're one of the faiths with a greater emphasis on obedience.  What religion do you think actually requires a passive obedience?  That sounds more like a state.

I'd love to hear more about "There are no excuses!", though.

Professor, you didn't go to Catholic schools in Cincinnati.

People I know who went to Catholic schools in Massachusetts or California are surprised when I  describe Cincinnati Catholicism.

Your mention of state rings a bell.

So many immigrants from Germany (my forebears) settled there that German traditions of passive obedience came with them. The damage that Naziism and WW2 Allied bombing inflicted on Germany may have cured the ailment. Today's Germany is more democratic than the USofA, which from the start has been oligarchic.

To hear more about "There are no excuses!", get the Teaching Company course on Existentialism. Some public libraries have TC courses.

Well, I'd agree on much of that.  So let's describe "passive obedience" as a cultural feature of certain ethnic or national cultures, not of religion.   Ethnic or natural cultures naturally creep into religious instruction, especially in religions that are ethnically or nationally confined, just as they creep into public education, private youth groups and other instruction of youth.

Water. In the not too distant future there will be wars over water rights. It is our most precious resource and we don't have enough to go around. Look at the systematic screwing that India has served up on it's neighbor Bangladesh in regards to controlling regional water supplies.

Companies buy up water rights from greedy crooked governments in poor countries and then charge these poor people money for what had always been free. What's next? Charging for air?

Interesting article.

There is plenty of water, the problem is that most of it is salty.  We have the technology
to desalinate sea water.  Where I live desalination is an important part of the water supply http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perth_Seawater_Desalination_Plant . With another, bigger plant currently being built.  The main problem is that currently the power needed is expensive.  Once we have switched to renewables, that are essentially unlimited, the price of this water will be negligible.

The process of desalination is prohibitively expensive for many countries/regions. Therefore there remains the shortage. If the worldwide monies used for securing a defense or actually going to war with one another was directed toward development of water resources the problem would be greatly alleviated, if not eliminated. But global cooperation for the good of all is not a redeeming quality of our present civilization.

We'd always have something to fight about. Humans are evolutionarily violent and confrontational.

In our pond scum period, big and strong cyanobacteria ate the nearby small and weak cyanobacteria.

Our more recent ancestors acquired consciousness and we now know what we are doing.

Abolishing religion would be an interesting twist of world history but at the end of the day, the real God dominating the world today is Capitalism. Our brand of capitalism is fueled by our un-evolved stage of greed. Until we move past this stage in our evolutionary development as human beings....I'm not sure much would change.

According to Gordon Gecko, the poster child for corporate America, greed is good. It is the desire for profit at all cost and by all means that places the unsavory taste of capitalism in my mouth.

Remember to look at the label before you don your next item of Asian sweatshop apparel. 

Asian workers have ahead of them struggles like those that American workers had in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Some of the offspring of those American workers are taking American capitalism to a more democratic level with employee-owned and operated companies. This struggle against economic tyranny echoes humankind's millenia-long struggle against political tyranny.

I'm no expert in tax law but I understand that Federal tax law encourages employee-ownership by giving tax advantages to business owners who, when they retire, sell their businesses to employees.


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