If religion were to be abolished completely (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.), what do you believe would be the outcome because of it?

Hey, everyone! I was just wondering what you believe would happen if humans became smart enough to abolish religion? Personally, I believe that wars would come to an all-time low or even an end, and it might induce world peace. Since there would be no religion to argue about, I believe that people would be a lot nicer to each other and have a more diverse range of friends. The only downside is that it would make things like racism and sexism a lot more common, since race, sex, and religion are the most discriminated against groups right now. What do you guys think? Is there anything I missed?

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You'd still have conservatives vs liberals, rich vs poor, fat vs thin, tall vs short, etc. 

That's true. Some of those things you can't change (appearance), but I guess we would still have a lot of work to do to stop hate and create a better planet. Thanks for your input!

Abolishing religion will not get rid of hate or war, I'm afraid. People will always find a reason to discriminate/fight against other people. They'll just have to be more creative with their hate. You'll still see war for resources, political ideology, and just because. People fight, it's unfortunate, but true. Religion keeps a leash on some mad dogs. There's no telling what some people might do without the threat of eternal damnation. 

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.

-Niccolo Machiavelli

If you think of it like that, that could be a possibility. If people didn't have hope and were terrified of there being no afterlife, the world might go even more crazy. I would hope that if anything like that would happen, the outcome would be people enjoying their lives more than before.

And yeah, people get creative with hate anyway. I guess that wouldn't change how people reacted toward anyone who was different than them. Oh well, we can only hope for the best.

Thank you for the response!

I think we underestimate the damage done by child indoctrination. Religion teaches differentiation and discrimination by default. A society governed by reason by people who live for this world and their children's world is incomprehensible to us at this point in history.

That's true. Parents teaching children hate is unacceptable and disgusting, yet it happens everyday. The parents are taking over the child's undeveloped brain and burning horrible beliefs into his/her head.  It is not even possible to think about these generations being governed by reason at this time. Maybe in the distant future?? Hopefully then we may start to see truly caring people who really want to help and accept others.

Thanks for responding!

It would start up again, just as it did originally and for the same reasons: 1) fear of death, 2) wanting an easy way to know how to do what's "right," 3) preferring to have answers to the grand philosophical questions (e.g., the meaning of life) even if the answers are just made up.

As much I'd like to see it, as much as we'd all like to see it, eliminating religion completely, would totally screw the world up. 
I personally consider belief in any religion detrimental to the human race. However, the human race would not be where it is without religion. Religion is the glue that holds the world together.
Religion has been the system, the pipeline, the river through which all fortune and power flowed. If not for religion, the technology wouldn't exist for you and I to communicate through this medium. No, I'm not saying the power and influence religion has had has been good for us- quite the contrary. 
But you can't go back in time and change history. The impetus behind most of the power-changing wars, the purpose for the masses to slaughter each other over the land and fortune the churches gained, and ultimately most of the wealth, comfort and technology we enjoy today would not exist if not for religion.The power, money, murderous political-lechery and influence over billions of lives is what has put into place all the heads of state, the countries and economic systems we have operating today. Yes, it is also the reason that a handful of people rule the world, one-tenth of the rest of the population thrives under that rule, and the rest of the population is only alive today, to starve tomorrow. 
We may over time, replace religion with sensible, intelligent thinking and secular systems; begin to love each other and care for our fellow humans; eliminate the fractions of society religion creates, and stop warring with each other, but I'm guessing that won't happen for a very long time- perhaps centuries. 
We must keep fighting to hold off its influence on our society, and not let it encroach on our lives anymore than it already does, but I personally don't think it will go away anytime soon.

That is true, people hold on to religion for the sake of feeling like they're not alone. If that wasn't there, some people might freak. Now looking at everyone's responses, I see that religion is very important in society. Even though I don't agree with it, people need it to keep sane. There are some things in their religion that could be changed with their viewpoints about others, but if they could do that and not use their religion as a back up for everything, it might be just a little bit better. 

And, over time, if anything does happen to it, I hope it's for the better. I hope that everyone will understand and at least try to grasp the concept that they should enjoy their lives while they can. Thanks for that response, it helped me understand a lot!

If the human race were suddenly stricken with mass , permanent amnesia , and had to start from scratch , scientific principles would eventually be discovered , and would be unchanged . The same laws and theories would be developed ( evolution , gravitation , relativity , Pi , etc. ) . Religion would also be invented . I can , however , guarantee that these new fairy tales would be nothing like the fairy tales of today .

How is it being abolished? I don't think we will ever reach a point where there's no such thing as any sort of religion unless it's forcibly banned and that ban is enforced by violence, and even then there would be believers. Some quarrelling and disagreement and difference is healthy and good. I don't care whether people believe in a god or a religion. I care about whether they use that belief to justify violence. Let's work on abolishing violence.

One key to eliminating violence is doing something about religion because so much violence is about and/or is justified by religion.


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