If religion were to be abolished completely (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.), what do you believe would be the outcome because of it?

Hey, everyone! I was just wondering what you believe would happen if humans became smart enough to abolish religion? Personally, I believe that wars would come to an all-time low or even an end, and it might induce world peace. Since there would be no religion to argue about, I believe that people would be a lot nicer to each other and have a more diverse range of friends. The only downside is that it would make things like racism and sexism a lot more common, since race, sex, and religion are the most discriminated against groups right now. What do you guys think? Is there anything I missed?

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@Tom, when I first blundered here after the election of Pope Francis, I was clear that I am just a guest, and an infrequent one at that.  I will happily withdraw if the community here wishes, and I have generally tried to limit my comments to those places where it seems people wish to engage with a Catholic theist's perspective.   A genuine one, not the religious straw men that are common here.

I can understand that offering such a perspective may help inform or challenge the views of some folks, but it's just information and dialog.  To imagine it to be "bullying" requires one to believe that exchange of knowledge and perspectives is a form of harassment or aggression.  I don't believe that; I'd be surprised if any free-thinking rationalist would adhere to such a notion. 

One of the memes present here is that theists all run away when confronted.  I suspect it's true for some; for most I expect the tone of the dialog is so unfriendly and at times juvenile that they decide it isn't worth continuing to engage.  I've stayed for a bit because I was asked to, and because it seemed that at least some people did not want thoughtful theists to run away. 

So I'm here just as a passing guest to engage in dialog.  I have no interest or desire in converting anyone, nor do I think it's very likely that you'll "deconvert" me.  If you're interested in the perspective of a practicing Catholic, whether it's to be honestly informed or just to hone your debate skills, I'm happy to provide insight into what my Church, and to some extent Christendom more generally, actually teaches.   If not, and you'd prefer to call me anything from Pinocchio to a child molester to someone who is just passively obedient, that's fine too.


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