If it became possible to live forever...then what?

Well, maybe "live indefinitely" would be more accurate. The universe won't last forever, apparently. People could still die accidental deaths or could commit suicide. However, suppose people started taking a drug that locked them in at whatever age they are.

Obviously, we'd need some new rules because otherwise there'd be problems. Overpopulation is the first one that comes to mind.

What problems do you foresee and what new rule(s) would be required to deal with them?

Population for starters. How would we manage new births?

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I can understand forced sterilization for the most part however you still have to think about disasters, suicides, accidents etc. The population will decrease perhaps faster than we think. If I was magically given an unlimited life I can easily imagine myself ending it at some point.

Where does the mandatory death penalty come from? People might stay in prison longer but that doesn't mean that prison population will go up nor the costs of incarceration. I would also think that 5,000 years in jail might be a bigger deterrent than 50 (though perhaps not that much more). We may also learn new rehabilitative therapies and our understanding of psychology may grow more sophisticated meaning life imprisonment may not even be necessary except for the most totally lost and unrepenting soul.

Who wants to live forever?

Only one person. I mean "There can only be one"!

"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

I want to live forever.

It'd certainly give me some time to get caught up on my reading

It would be the end of religion.

Then hell...for the first time...would become real.

I'd assume you'd eventually get bored...


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