If in killing a woman her unborn baby is killed as well...

Charge the killer with a double murder or not?

Suppose she doesn't die but the baby does?

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Very good questions, Gregg

Must have been someone else using my login. :D

I'm stealing that excuse, for the next time I say something stupid.

I don't know who said that, musta been someone else using his login. :D

That stupid thing could happen any minute now - what time is it?

It is imperative that all men have their testicles removed at age 25, our country requires only young dads for the good of their unborn future heirs, men over 25 do not have the right to impregnate women.  The needs of the State supersede the rights of the individual, for the good of our nation NO MORE OLD DADS!!! 

Men as a group cannot be trusted to make proper value judgements about their own body's, therefore we must take away from them the right to decide what happens to certain areas inside their skin.

Being a second class citizen is the new KOOL.


I live in America, a country founded upon individual civil liberty, men and women own their own biological processes, making a new human is a biological process that occurs inside an individual citizen and is not the domain of the State.

I agree, Gregg! No more seatbelt laws! No motorcycle brain-bucket laws! No more laws against suicide! Power to the People!

I couldn't agree more.

I wore a seatbelt today, not because there was a law saying I had to, I wore a seatbelt today because I chose to.

I wore my brain-bucket today, not because there was a law saying I had to, I wore my brain-bucket today because I chose to.

I didn't commit suicide today, not because there was a law saying I couldn't, I didn't commit suicide today, because I chose not to.

Power to the Rational Mind.

You might want to offer that information to your defense attorney, next time you get picked up for violating one of those --

I never violate the first two.

If they catch me after I've violated the third one, I don't really think I will be in a condition give a shit. :D

Waste not, want not....

The Testicles Cookbook - Cooking with Balls is a multimedia cookbook complete with how-to videos on cooking testicle dishes. Including Testicle Pizza, Testicle Goulash and White Wine Testicles, this is a short teaser taken from the full cookbook, written by Serbian testicles chef, Ljubomir Erovic

Testicles? More like tastycles. (Soylent Green edition).


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