If God in all his power suddenly came before you and said "Behold, atheists!  You are wrong!  Now bow before me in reverence!", would you kneel and worship him or put a bazooka in his face?

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My response? Far out man, that acid I dropped in 1977 has finally melted.

My response: God you're an ass!
I would probably start laughing, to be honest. If I found out that it was a no drug, no injury, no joke of any kind experience, I would probably be scared shitless initially, considering that god's existence would destroy my entire perception of reality. Would I worship it? No. I'd probably run like Cactuar.
In all honesty, if "God" made us in his image, a form that claimed to be "God" would look no different than a regular person saying that he IS God. We call such people lunatics. But he'd have to be a really clever lunatic to give everybody the illusion that he possessed godly powers.
I've never earnestly believed in god, so if god did factually exist as your scenario indicates, it would seriously blow my mind. Whatever form your hypothetical god is in when this scenario takes place is entirely unimportant - if god was real, it would disturb my perception of reality so much that I might literally go insane.
I'm on board with this. I like to think I'd be able to stand there and ask him what in the hell he was thinking (and I'd be able to mean it literally for a change), but I'd be pretty scared. Hopefully I'd get it in there before I started running, but we will never know.

By the way, you get about as many points for the Cactuar reference as if you'd actually managed to kill one of those slippery green gits.
I would admit he exists (eventually- I'd try to disprove it first). But I would certainly not worship him.
I would first try to figure out if it was false or faked somehow. This is the most logical and the highest percentage option, therefore the most likely. I would go for this on 'faith' before scienctific observation and experiments due to the higher chance rather than 'holy shit, it's god.'

If it was actually the real god (bible god) then I would deck him flat. If he was a 'good' god (eg, not bible Koran god) then I would at least listen to him before walking away and getting on with my life. But I would not worship him.

I will also quickly add, wouldn't this mean the end of the world? Isnt the second comming of god (jesus,) or however you understand the trinity, meant to signal the comming of apocalypse ? If this character was some all powerful god, just for saying 'you lose, free-thinking atheists' he has to live up to a stupid story and destroy his 'perfect' creation. (If he was the bible god. If not and it was a good god, then I would still not worship him. A good god does not threaten and demand worship)
What a bitch!
I wouldn't do either.If "god" is real she or he isn't worth worshiping and I'm no good at handling guns so I would just have to settle for kicking where it hurts.
If we are talking about the God of Abraham, uh, I would not revere it. That god, if he were to exist, spent thousands of years murdering an estimated 3 million people. That would be comparable to Pol Pot coming back to life and saying, "Hey guy! I'm a good dude now. I'm going to lead the country so why don't you follow me and I'll make you rich." It's an immoral act to support him knowing his character. The consequences for rejecting him are nor relevant. The character of the Bible known as God deserves rebuking only.
Ok, since this is a hypothetical instance, if I were somehow sure it was God, I would:

Run for the hills before he went all genocidal, first-born hatin, kill your blaspheming ass on me.
So here's my thinking:

God is supposedly infinite and was never "created" because he "always was". If this is true, how can he take credit for being God? I don't find the fact that he is God a worship-worthy characteristic. Now, if he used his powers for good, and his main agenda was not forcing the masses to worship him and "bringing glory to his name", I might consider it. It's unimpressive when a strong man bullies or abuses a child and demands respect simply based on the fact that he's bigger. Being "bigger" is not worthy of respect or admiration, especially when it's a given that a man is bigger than a child (or a god has special abilities that a mortal doesn't possess... because that god didn't endow them with those abilities when he could've).

To me, it sounds like God has a serious complex. If he was really as amazing as he claims he is, he wouldn't need all of us humans to acknowledge him. And, even if he didn't outright say "NOW WORSHIP ME!!!" after having revealed himself to me, it would be the painfully obvious desire of his grandiose entrance and introduction. It would be quite a turn off, just as much as it is when celebrities come in to any establishment and, either demand special treatment, or say something as stupid as, "Don't you know who I am?" Ummm... not impressed...

And if he did force me to worship, it would be insincere and, well, forced, thus negating the worship.
And if he did force me to worship, it would be insincere and, well, forced, thus negating the worship.




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