Lets say hypothetically that the Christian God was real.

Everything you have ever heard about god was true and Jesus came back to Earth.

What then?

How many atheist do you think would convert right away?

Would you fear God?

Would it even matter that god made itself known?

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Morgan, do you have a blow up of Eve?
You can see the full size version of this image here
The guy's a fucking bully who insists on worshop and devotion before "rewarding" you with "Heaven."

If he actually manifested, I'm not sure if I'd convert. Fear of the existence of Hell might make me do so, though I don't think I'm likely to beg forgiveness, because if I did - I'd be disingenune. Tangible evidence (such as Jesus coming back to Earth) could convince me that it's all real.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't love yahweh, or jesus. It's been shown through the documentation ('everything I've ever heard' is real, right?) that neither of them really deserve anything anywhere close to love.
Good point
Good answer
Live my life. I refuse to worship a tyrant.
Good Answer.

Wish there was a like button on here like on facebook.
Good answer
Tell him to get *&cked.

If anyone could use a good lay, it'd be Jesus.
Make sure you oil up his feet with your hair. He likes that.
Lol that's excellent. I don't think you would be alone in taking one for the team. I would too. I would not bow to any being that is so all powerful yet, you want me to worship you, what would be the point in that.
This is a Zen Koan isn't it?


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