Lets say hypothetically that the Christian God was real.

Everything you have ever heard about god was true and Jesus came back to Earth.

What then?

How many atheist do you think would convert right away?

Would you fear God?

Would it even matter that god made itself known?

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Tell him to go fuck himself for letting children starve and be raped and tortured.
"I had no more need of God than He had of me, and if there were one, I often said to myself, I would meet Him calmly and spit in his face."
-Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn
I'd end up tying my brain in a knot, crying, then comfort eating.....because just to ponder why a real person/being/whatever, would do some of the things the Christian God has done, is nothing but depressing. I'd be truly more let down than I was when I realized the whackjob doesn't exist. His "holy" actions prove me nothing but the creation of "evil," for lack of a better word. He is a murderer, a narcissist, a judge with no law degrees and not the faintest idea of justice, and don't even get me started on a parent with not the slightest love of offspring. That damn "love" they loooove to preach about. If I said anything at all to him, it would be thanks but no thanks, you, existing or not, I cannot define as automatically "good" --maybe powerful, maybe my only shot at eternal life, whatever, I can't spend it with you, you're a barbarian.
I guess it would mean nothing to me... I would no longer be an Atheist... because then "God" would be proven of course... but I couldn't go back to such a tyrant. If he wanted me to "not even be able to comprehend" his reasoning, then he brought it on himself didn't he? Furthermore he caused the separation of the belief, the cause for no belief, he caused war and famine and millenia-old discourse in the world, I really don't think I'd be the one in so much trouble if she showed himself. I've been pretty damn good, ESPECIALLY in comparison to my very religious family. Wooo, don't get me started on them.
My non belief is based on a mix of both scientific information, and personal experiences and ideas (not beliefs). If I am presented with proof contrary to an idea then I have to change my idea. The real question is would this knowledge change who I am as a person? I don't think that it would. I consider myself a good person and if that's not good enough then it's not good enough.
I would drag God's lazy, good-for-nothing ass to court and have him thrown in prison for being the worst deadbeat dad in history.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you exhibit A: The unnecessary, unjustifiable suffering of all sentient beings apart from the consequences of free-will, i.e. the so-called natural world. The prosecution rests, Your Honor."
LoL like the last bit a lot.

say god was on trail by man, do you think it would go along with the trial?
The god of the Old Testament sets moral rules for humanity, but the Bible clearly shows that he seems to feel no obligation to follow them himself. He is the exemplar of Epicurus' paradox, revealing himself to be untrustworthy in every aspect and, therefore, unworthy of the worship he demands. As he would be as likely as not to perjure himself when called as a witness, it is irrelevant as to whether or not he would go along with the trial.
I would continue being a rational skeptic. God may be all powerful, but Man, using science, has usurped (or at least challenged) God's alleged powers in several areas (Sodom and Gomorrah? Screw that, we got Nukes), so eventually we'd have enough power to challenge God's rule over us and finally be free.

Also, if God did exist, he would either be bound by the speed of light, or not bound to it, which would mean we could escape his influence given time, or gain access to much more of the universe with better understanding
There is evidence of ancient cities being destroyed by nuclear weapons. I was watching a show the other day about Mohenjo-Daro and scientist say that all the inhabitants are lying in the streets. their images burned into the ground much like a nuke would do. Furthermore the area gives off a high reading of radiation not common to the area. There are ancient stories of a warship, if you will, being seen by many people throughout history in this area.

If you look hard enough and have a open mind there are many things one can discover without the thought of a god popping in your brain.
I don't believe nuclear weapons were available back then. I don't believe ancient but advanced aliens visited our planet long ago just to do a test of their weapon. However I think whatever it was that caused the Tunguska Event may have happened multiple times over during the course of early human history.
No its not from popular science. It's from accounts all throughout history. The evidence of the radiation is quite real as is the city. As far as the alien warship I have my doubts to. The story claims that it was some kind of war fought with many ships in the sky. Most likely in space not actually in earths atmosphere. But who knows, happened so long ago.

At what point do we discredit all of history. Most of the history we have on record doesn't date back that long. Possibly 25,000 years are a little longer. It wouldn't be that big of a stretch to believe that within the millions of years this planet has been here that we have gotten no visitors. If you look at the most ancient of all civilizations they all claim at some point to have seen large ships ascend from the sky at one time or another. Even in America the native Indians have stories of massive structures descending from the sky. In most cases people would worship these beings, which could shed some light on where religion and worshiping gods came from.

I'm not saying with certainty that this events are true, but in the grand scheme of history it's worth looking at. Many atheist choose to not believe many things about our history just on basis of religion being so wrong. Many of us cant or will not humor the argument of visitors or that the human race may be the visitor ourselves. Again I'm not saying this is my belief, just something to ponder. We wage this war against religion as if religion is the only system worth exploring, if just to disprove it. We research religion to death, much like i do, for clues to disprove it without looking at events within them, or events recorded by other civilizations that have nothing to do with said religion. Many atheist here the word alien and immediately our bullshit radar kicks on. But with the vast distance of space and our nearly nonexistent knowledge of space beyond our own galaxy why are we so quick to throw it out the window. If anything we should embrace the possibility of another race like us or similar to us somewhere out there.

just a thought
Yes indeed.


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