Lets say hypothetically that the Christian God was real.

Everything you have ever heard about god was true and Jesus came back to Earth.

What then?

How many atheist do you think would convert right away?

Would you fear God?

Would it even matter that god made itself known?

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if he was there, you wouldn't HAVE to believe.
good outlook that you would calmly reason with it.

Do you think that many atheist do believe in god deep down?

I find it funny that the idea of hell was originally bot put in the Bible. When it was it told people that hell was the coldest place ever. It was cold because of how far you were from gods love. It was also a place to sit and reflect on your life and the punishment wasn't physical pain forever but emotional pain.
It is impossible for everything I've ever heard about any god to be true. Most of it is self-contradictory. If a god like the one described in most bibles was to show up, of course I would be very afraid of it. The gods of the bibles are mean, nasty little gods. I would hope that I would be brave enough to take whatever torture such an asshole god had to dish out, rather than to validate said god out of fear and greed.
Fortunately this hypothetical situation will never happen. And no, atheists do not believe in god deep down, or in any other way.
Good answer.

I like your comment about validating god out of fear and greed. That is one of my main ideas religion was pushed on people so long ago. If not then why are so many churches so rich off of other peoples money.

Another question I have is why are churches still tax free in this terrible economy?
Yeah, I would tax them in a minute! They are in the business of selling fantasy, just like the porn industry and we tax the hell out of those guys.
I'd like to see it, for sure!
What if aliens were real? What then?

I think it is more believable that aliens are real than a god. There is more proof in the universe of aliens than a great creator of everything.
There's no proof of anything, but I'd bet my bippy there're others out there,
Morgan, do you have a blow up of Eve?
You can see the full size version of this image here
The guy's a fucking bully who insists on worshop and devotion before "rewarding" you with "Heaven."

If he actually manifested, I'm not sure if I'd convert. Fear of the existence of Hell might make me do so, though I don't think I'm likely to beg forgiveness, because if I did - I'd be disingenune. Tangible evidence (such as Jesus coming back to Earth) could convince me that it's all real.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't love yahweh, or jesus. It's been shown through the documentation ('everything I've ever heard' is real, right?) that neither of them really deserve anything anywhere close to love.


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