Lets say hypothetically that the Christian God was real.

Everything you have ever heard about god was true and Jesus came back to Earth.

What then?

How many atheist do you think would convert right away?

Would you fear God?

Would it even matter that god made itself known?

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Why beg for forgiveness?
Because I'm an atheist.
But why do you think that fact deserves forgiveness? A just god would understand that you were being honest. You can't/couldn't be anything but an atheist unless you were lying. And isn't lying a sin, too? Can we really be held accountable for not believing what there is no proof of? Does God want people who are so easily led? It would've been just as easy to think Islam was the way, or Hinduism. If one god can be real, they all can.

I would refuse to beg for forgiveness. I absolutely will not take responsibility for that god's failure to reveal himself in a meaningful way; I will not take responsibility for being the way he created me. My "sin" is his failure.
I would demand an explanation.
It would probably attempt to give some long winded round about answer of nothing. It would use some big words to so how smart it was and then say something like you wouldn't understand why I do what i do.
Yeah, you're right. I don't think the god in the Bible could ever justify himself. He'd have to have some pretty hefty reward for all the pain he has caused/allowed for those that have suffered... even slightly!

But what would you say?
It's not about being religious or converting. Scientifically, if a God was apparent and able to be interacted with than everyone atheist or otherwise would understand and believe in that God. If a God were real and did all the things it is said that he has done than he'd be as important as the force of gravity or any other force we know of. We do not understand God today because he is unable to be interacted with, he is absent from reality here on earth and there is no evidence for him ever being here in the first place.
yes i agree but what would you do if, and throw out all logic here, god was real and came down to earth.

It is quite possible that a god does exist just not in the all mighty way explained in the bible. A being could achieve a higher state whether it be by brain power or the power to travel between galaxies in a big spaceship. Think along those lines.

I ask because Christians ask this all the time to nonbelievers and most just don't answer it. When Dawkins is asked, well what if your wrong, he usually laughs and asks back, well what if you are.
I'd believe in a God-in-reality just as I believe in everything else in reality. I would see him, I would interact with him, I would believe in him. Is this the answer you were looking for? If he was here I'd believe in him.
Not at all. Its not about the answer i am looking for it's about what you would do if faced with seeing a real god
I guess that all depends on how he approached me. I doubt I'd care all that much, the concept is unreal


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