If God in all his power suddenly came before you and said "Behold, atheists!  You are wrong!  Now bow before me in reverence!", would you kneel and worship him or put a bazooka in his face?

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If i was convinced that his claim were true I would accept his existence, but not worship automatically. Unless he could prove that the Biblical interpretation of him was false, I would have to tell him how much of an immoral ass he comes off as.
I guess varying shades of in the middle would've been more appropriate, but I was interested in hearing how many people would've told God to "shove it". I certainly count myself as one. I think all gods outlive their usefulness. The monotheistic religions gods have certainly gone way past their prime. If gods can "live", then I feel nothing can be right unless that god is in a mythological graveyard.
Well, if it's just one or the other... Considering what I know of the God of the Bible, I'd have to tell him to jog off.
I can't imagine this scenario so if it actually happened maybe my entire worldview would shift and I'd want to worship him or something but as for right now, I mean he'd have to do something to prove that it was necessary to worship him or else I'd really go to hell, which apparently now does exist, and he'd have to tell me which religion I should be following and how exactly the appropriate way to worship was. LOL.
I might just have to slap a bitch.
Well stated, sir.
i would be a misotheist
If a god (either the Christian one or another) did show up and managed to convince me of its existence (as opposed to being a dream, a hallucination, a trick propagated by advanced science, etc), I'd believe it existed, but that would by no means translate to worship. If a deity wants to be worshiped, it had better be able to show good reason why it deserves such attention. the Christian god, as portrayed in the Bible (and by a number of his followers) certainly does not qualify.
I would be convinced that experimenting with hallucinogens in college had finally caught up with me and done me in. Or that the most elaborate illusion created by man was being performed on me.

For the sake of the discussion, however--I'm pretty sure the barrage of questions I would pummel god with would send him shaking his head and cursing back to his celestial bachelor's pad.
I like this answer. I've actually dabbled in the idea that the people who wrote the Bible were high on something. I mean come on. A talking burning bush?
They must have been high. Or afflicted with some mental illness that I don't know of (which is most of them).
My response? Far out man, that acid I dropped in 1977 has finally melted.

My response: God you're an ass!


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