Some people say there was heaven and hell, others think about soul, some also believes in reincarnation.. how about you? what do you think of it? what will you do if this is the end of everything?

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That's my point, though.  Monotony of even the most delightful kind will still drive you insane.  (The praising stuff is just silly, nobody really expects they'll have to do things they wont like, or it wouldn't be heaven.)  It's just that that way leads to insanity or lobotomy, and you'd be praying your knees off to the god for the gift of oblivion.

Where I will be already.

Does one get a free lobotomy as you pass through the pearly gates? People should know this! LOL

What is the value of pearls in a gown with no pockets, in a place with no Walmart?


You'll be relieved to know the Bible makes no explicit mention of a soul that is immortal or exclusive to humans. That is, an inner human spirit that survives the death of the body.

The Hebrew word nephesh is typically translated into English as meaning soul, a word with connotations of immortality. But apparently in Hebrew the concept of a nephesh means something closer to "life force" or "well being" or even "consciousness", and carries no inherent association with endless life. That came much later on.

In mainstream Christianity, it seems the theological consensus is that your nephesh only attains immortality if you believe Jesus is God and your personal savior. Thus, being a non-believer, your nephesh will simply snuff out when you die. You will be spared the mind-numbing banality of joining God's personal squad of cheerleaders as a human pom-pom for all eternity.

Thank goodness.

Well that's a relief, Gallup.  Thought I was going to get crispy ducked in hell - what happened?  Fuel shortage, or was it getting a bit crowded?

Hey Micmic,

I'm possibly going to surprise some people here. To me atheism is a lack of belief in gods. As for the "mind" continuing to exist after "corporeal" death, I can't say its impossible or doesn't happen. But I can tell you this, gods have nothing to do with it. Its one of those things you can never really disprove so its fun to ponder. Buts that all you get out of it.

- kk

I really believe that when we die, that's it.  In the same way life has gone on since my father died, so will it go on after I die, just without me in it.  I believe I can't say definitively that there is no god, but I sincerely doubt that anybody actually knows the true nature of any deity that may exist.  Part of my problem with believing in god is, ironically, believers in any one deity and/or manifestation of a deity.  I think it's incredibly arrogant and ignorant at the same time for anybody to claim they know the one true god and then to be evangelical about it.  If I encountered somebody who seemed to have actually found a god, I would think that person's presence, words, and way of living would attract people naturally.  It would be a very powerful thing to have met a deity.  

I met Leonard Nimoy once, but that's as close as I've come --

Which he wrote after leaving the TV series, because he didn't want to get typecast like Steve Reeves (an earlier Superman) and not be able to find any other kind of work. But years after that, he wrote, I Am Spock! after Paramount began considering a series of ST movies (even Vulcans know which side their bread is buttered on).

Rumor is, he was considering writing, Sometimes I Feel Like A Spock, Sometimes I Don't, but I'm not sure what happened to that.


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