Some people say there was heaven and hell, others think about soul, some also believes in reincarnation.. how about you? what do you think of it? what will you do if this is the end of everything?

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Hi Kris - here is a link to a Sky Burial from the BBC.

WARNING: this may not be to everyone's liking. However I think there is a certain majesty to it.

Ok fixed it.

they were lazy digging or making fire..

i'd read one of that sky burial, a documentary., but i prefer to be cremate not being eaten..  

Somehow, I suspect that when “the end of everything” arrives (which could be any day now; I’ve heard that it’s December 21 of this year, which means I can put off buying Xmas presents) I won’t do much of anything.

Dale - good news! That has been canceled!!*6ihK3P2qa-w3TJM7pDifLXZuaiovb-mYG5UNZ5Ke3dQkpBJu/romneymaya.jpg

We're good to go for another 5700-year cycle!

@Micmic Custodio

Death is the end of the creature that died, not the death of everything. Fail. You might want to visit the 'Atheists and water' thread. The opening argument is a lot like yours.

my apology for that, i should be more careful about asking things next time, but what i mean is "the death is the end your everything" something like that., 

So it becomes, "Death is the end of your everything." That's an improvement but still incorrect.

Your death is the irreversible end of your consciousness. It's not the end of your everything.

Your actions and words are part of 'your everything' and they survive the death of the consciousness that produced them. Shakespeare, Mozart, Galileo, Curie, and Einstein are all dead, but not the results of their having lived.

We come from nothing. We have one brief life to marvel at the universe and give something to those who will outlive us. Then we close our eyes forever and go back to nothing.

That sounds splendid. It makes each human life all the more precious and valuable.

that was so clear to me, thanks for correcting it., i learned something from that.. a big CHECK!

You got it: "Living is everything." So live it up.

"Life is worth living, especially if you're alive."
Snerd's Words for the Birds
(Edgar Bergen radio show, c1948)


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