Some people say there was heaven and hell, others think about soul, some also believes in reincarnation.. how about you? what do you think of it? what will you do if this is the end of everything?

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that was so clear to me, thanks for correcting it., i learned something from that.. a big CHECK!

You got it: "Living is everything." So live it up.

"Life is worth living, especially if you're alive."
Snerd's Words for the Birds
(Edgar Bergen radio show, c1948)

I do not believe in an afterlife or any continuation of consciousness after death, but I don't think living is everything. I am very reluctant to give up a drop of my lifespan, but there are conceivable circumstances where I would choose death. If I was capable of living just in the moment, perhaps I would never ever choose to end my life, but I do mentally project myself into the future. Do I want to be a part of the future I see, and if not, do I have options for avoiding it? The answer could be 'no' to both.

If the death of me as an individual is the cessation of my consciousness, then there is one very obvious pro and one very obvious con from my current framework. The pro is that any negative experiences in my life will end. The con is that any positive experiences in my life will end. If, on balance, my life becomes more negative than positive with grim aspects for recovery, the pro side of death starts to win out. 

Because there is room for misinterpretation, negative and positive should not be taken to mean conventional good and bad experiences in this context. Some of the worst experiences in my life were also some of the most valuable because they were interesting and because they altered my perspective on life. I'd tend to put those experiences in the positive column.

The negatives column... is a little complex. It could be more obvious things like terminal, degenerative illness, but that isn't the limit. Perhaps this is just the biological impulse to reproduce speaking, but part of me is okay with the concept of progeneration which carries on after my death. This could directly mean biological offspring, or it could be the impacts of my ideals and beliefs. I would feel better dying to protect what is dear to me than I would living knowing that I had utterly failed my children or had to carry on living without convictions.

@Sarah/Jessica - it feels kinda good to hear you say, "us" --

¡Claro que sí, Mija!

And just don't come to us with a "proof" we've refuted 10 zillion times. Like the watchmaker argument, the first cause argument, the argument from design, etc., unless you have a totally new wrinkle.

I've got one of those - I just noticed it in the mirror this morning.

I notice Micmic put his question in the "Welcome to Think Atheist" section.  It's a good thing he didn't post it in the "Argument" area.

No it's not.


And if we really knew anything about death, we would not be so smug!

That's the spirit. If we can keep this up a little longer, perhaps Graham Chapman will rise from the grave to bop us all on the head. I have reason to believe he's been faking it this whole time anyway.


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