If creationism were true, wouldn’t that mean that no animal species could be related to another? And DNA would be varied from species to species showing no relationship at all. Every species would be related only to itself, having come from no common ancestor. Horses would not be related to zebras, wolves to coyotes, polar bears to grizzly bears, or llamas to camels. Tigers and lions could not be related, and would be incapable of cross-species reproduction. There would be no ligers or tigons. That applies to plants as well. We would be unable to cross-pollinate two different plants to come up with a hybrid.

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It is a good point, unfortunately faith based people do not value logic. I realized this during a discussion with my mother: I was explaining her evolution, when I finished she said: 'Oh, well, it is just a theory' and then I pointed that gravity was 'just a theory' too and asked her why she accepted gravity and not evolution if both are a fact at the same level and were gathered through the same method (science). This is what she told me: "I will believe anything that doesn't contradicts the Bible, if it contradicts it then it is false because the Bible is the one and only truth".

That sets it all.

Of course new earth creationists can dream up what ever they want and would argue the creator reused elements resulting in similarity. They may have a harder time explaining why an omnipotent creator has a failure rate of 99%.

If creationism is true...

...the history of life on earth is a litany of failures, just as evolution predicts.

...God's design is utterly incompetent.

...God's design has produced an unending string of experiments in living things that crashed and burned.

...God sure created a lot of life forms that were hopelessly inept at avoiding extinction. 

...God must have a pretty devilish sense of humor.

...God created an environment where He could practice unfathomable cruelty.

Thinking along these lines helped me quit god. 

Why would God leave us with so much evidence of earth and the universe being billions of years old, and all life genetically related back to millions of years ago? Was it to tempt us to be led astray? Is it the work of the devil? Are you being told to not even think about it, or wonder?

Why would you want to worship the kind of deity who would play these types of mind tricks anyway...

Good argument.  If the big boy used the Poof ! (its there) method of creation, we could expect complete uniqueness.  But if sHe cheated and used genetic variation over time, then they could be related. But then, that would be Evolution, wouldn't it.   Damn.  Another good creationist argument fails.!!


I could not imagine a world without my beloved Fronkeys. It's evolution gone mad you know!!


Well, but God can do anything, right? After all, He's God. So God could create the world just as it looks today, couldn't He? 

Think you can trick God? What a dummy!

I really want to write a comment, but every time I start to type the "Cre----tionism" word, all that comes out on the page is "ROFL"… 

if it were true then this would be false.

I think if you want to talk to a fundamentalist theist, you have to adapt to their epistemology.  It's no good to try to convince them coming from a scientific epistemology which they don't share.

For me, the problem is very much what @Pope describes.   The theory of literal creationism means that God deliberately set up things in the world to lead good, well-intentioned people astray.  Fossil evidence, chemistry, DNA.   Would a loving Father ever deliberately lead his children astray?   Would even a human father ever set things up at home so that his child might believe that white was really green or that radiator fluid was good to drink?

The fundamental problem with creationism within a religious epistemology is that it requires a God who is dishonest, and leads his children astray.  That's not a Christian God, that's Loki.  Literal creationism is really a form of blasphemy.


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