If cigarettes became illegal tomorrow (caught smoking would mean going to jail for a months and you would become an ex-con)... would you still smoke?

While I am not a smoker, nor do I smoke pot I thought this would be a interesting discussion to bring up.

If cigarettes became illegal tomorrow (caught smoking would mean going to prison for months and you would become an ex-con)... would you still smoke? reddit

The point for me is to illustrate the ridiculousness of all of it. 

The gov should be helping people with addictions. Not putting them into jails and ruining their life with a ex-con tied around their neck for the rest of their life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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I would continue to not smoke but I would oppose making tobacco illegal. About the only good thing that would come of banning tobacco would be that I don't have to smell it/gag on it anymore when I'm out and about. I'm all for people's right to choose to partake in cigarets but I certainly don't appreciate the second hand smoke.

Most smokers would still smoke. Pot is illegal (in most places) and there is absolutely no shortage of people doing that.

Also, I don't think any drug should be illegal. Regulated  (like nicotine and alcohol, sure) but not illegal. I don't think it's the governments place to help people with their addictions, either. People do drugs, drugs don't do people....a lesson some have to learn the hard way.

But the inverse question would be, "If marijuana were legal, would even more people smoke it?"

Certainly. A considerably higher amount than already do? Doubtful. It's too accessible.

I already have the beginnings of COPD, have tried to quit smoking several times (cold turkey, nicotine replacement, Zyban, blah blah) and still smoke. I can't really afford manufactured cigarettes anymore, so I use cigarette tubes with a tabletop machine to pack them.

The craving for tobacco is incredible. My mother has been off cigarettes nearly 10 years, and she says that sometimes she feels like she could just eat a pack of cigarettes. Tobacco has a higher recidivism rate than opiates as well, from what I've read.


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