The thought of a theocratic America is really starting to scare the shit out of  Do any of you see it going in this direction more?  Or less?  What will you do if you wake up one day and find that America (if you live here like I do) is now a full blown theocracy, denouncing and oppressing atheism?  What would you do if tomorrow, a Christian-American Inquisition pounded down your front door to "survey" your "fundamentalist ideals"?  LOL....


Would you run or move away?  Live in hiding?  Pretend to be Christian?  Kill yourself?  Fight a losing "war" with a whole nation of Christians? 


Do you think we'd stand a chance of having any rights as atheists in a theocracy?  Ever?  lol...


Is there any among you who believes that America cannot be in danger of becoming a theocracy? 


Just some pressing thoughts burning away at my brain.  I'm not sure what I'd do.  Probably move away if all was lost.  Hopefully another country will accept me and my atheism.  I would hate to have to defend myself from the violence of Christian Theocracy.  It's like a bazillion-to-one chance of survival if they decided they wanted to kill us all.  How would they know who were were?  Well I don't know about you.....  but this website isn't the only evidence of my atheism.  Maybe we should start leaving less evidence?  Fuck that.  What say all of you?

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Iraqis r free now and can now progress according to global democratic norms

and values. I think America and Its allies should act in the same way for Iran and North Korea. 

Your money is better spent if you donate to ACT! FOR AMERICA.  This organization is actively fighting the Islamization of America.  It does not favor any religion.  Visit <>.  I'm not sure.  Use <> search engine if above link does not work.

America cannot be in danger of becoming a theocracy until there exists freedom of expressions and thoughts.



My friend, fighting Christian theocracy is kicking the wind. Christianity has learned its lesson. - From the failed crusades, to the Inquisition, to Jean d'Arc, to the Salem witch hunts. Christian Theocracy will never threaten civilization again. But look around you. There are thriving theocracies. - Saudi, where the king is the head of the Sunni sect (who number more than Catholics). Iran - where the Ayatollah rules over President Ahmadinejad. The West Bank and Sinai - where the fundamentalists have a government of their own. They want peace, but peace under Muslim hagemony - Muslim rule.

The Qur'an commands every Muslim to have a world where Islam rules with the Sharia Law. "Only God can make laws," says they. If a man-made "law" conflicts with what the Qur'an says, it is false. If you steal - off with your hand. Adultery is punished by stoning to death. Rape? "Sorry, but we have to chop off your head."

"Not on this day and age," you say. Take off your blinders, my friend. Unstuck your ostrich-head out of the sand. It is how "they" do it "out there". They will not stop until God rules over the world, under Islamic Theocracy. They want nothing less? In Saudi, Christians cannot practice their religion openly. They are even forbidden to talk about it. If you are found with a Bible at the airport, you will not be admitted. I shudder to about what they will do to atheists, if the whole world is Muslim. There will be no place to deport you, but you will have to be neutralized somehow. Your filth must not be allowed to stench the holy air. But, how?
Is peace so sweet that we are willing to give up our right to be atheists to attain it? Actually, there might be peace if all were Muslim. There will be no more fighting. But are we willing to embrace Muslim Theocracy for the sake of Peace?

Instead of jousting with whirlwinds, debating against Christian Theocracy, we should think of ways to stem this growing tide against our right to be atheists. In Sweden and Canada, Sharia is surreptitiously gaining ground. Shall we merrily indulge in our greatest joy, intellectual in-fighting? - While we ignore the noose tightening slowly around our rights? Atheists, wake up. Let's use our superior intellects to find ways to prevent the growing threat to our right to think independently.

ATHEISTS OF THE WORLD ARISE! Let us fight together as far as our disunity allows.

You r 100% right

"v should think of ways to stem this growing tide against our right to b atheists"

In an American Christian Theocracy, atheism will be tolerated. Christians have learned to tolerate us atheists. It is in a Muslim Theocracy where we will be hunted down like dogs. The way Muslims are relentlessly pursuing their avowed aim to rule the entire earth - sometimes insidiously in places where they are weak - It is just time that is preventing Islam from taking over today. - But ultimately USA will be changed to I.S.A., the Islamic States of America. When that time comes, pack your bags and head for Europe. After the European Common Market is changed to European Islamic Market, migrate to Antarctica. Muslims will never want the South pole - too cold for them. But, are you sure?

Me. I'll stay put and practice counter-Taqiyya.

Is it that easy, I do not think so. Its the way how the Islamist thinks They are the brainless ppl but you are not.


I'd personally start up the Atheist Liberation Front (based on the ideals of the Earth Liberation Front), and play along like a good little christian, while burning churches across the country to the ground ("Come on, Pookie, let's burn this motherfucker down!"* teehee)!!! I would continue playing the christian game, and committing arson, until the government either got the message, or burned me at the stake for heresy. But then again, I'm sure there'd be others out there just crazy enough to follow in my footsteps, and eventually the government would cave. They may be able to kill me, but they wouldn't be able to kill my idea!^


* Harold and Kumar go to White Castle: Burger Shack Scene


^ V for Vendetta: The Death of Mr. Creedy

And yes, I have been geekin' out on my movie collection lately... How could you tell? :)



Leave America, not because I'm scared but why would I want my future children to go to a school where they don't teach facts such as Evolution, the age of the earth, and simple astronomy. I value pleasure (tranquility and freedom of fear) and knowledge over all else. Theocratic countries take away both. Although America is secular by origin, we have more of a Theocratical Oligarchy in some aspects. 


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