The thought of a theocratic America is really starting to scare the shit out of  Do any of you see it going in this direction more?  Or less?  What will you do if you wake up one day and find that America (if you live here like I do) is now a full blown theocracy, denouncing and oppressing atheism?  What would you do if tomorrow, a Christian-American Inquisition pounded down your front door to "survey" your "fundamentalist ideals"?  LOL....


Would you run or move away?  Live in hiding?  Pretend to be Christian?  Kill yourself?  Fight a losing "war" with a whole nation of Christians? 


Do you think we'd stand a chance of having any rights as atheists in a theocracy?  Ever?  lol...


Is there any among you who believes that America cannot be in danger of becoming a theocracy? 


Just some pressing thoughts burning away at my brain.  I'm not sure what I'd do.  Probably move away if all was lost.  Hopefully another country will accept me and my atheism.  I would hate to have to defend myself from the violence of Christian Theocracy.  It's like a bazillion-to-one chance of survival if they decided they wanted to kill us all.  How would they know who were were?  Well I don't know about you.....  but this website isn't the only evidence of my atheism.  Maybe we should start leaving less evidence?  Fuck that.  What say all of you?

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I second that.
And I third!  :D

I could fake my fundamentalist ideas very well as I am well versed in Theology and Scripture.  


I wouldn't mind lying to a bunch of inquisitors.  I would just live the rest of my life involved deep inside the systems government - so that one day I could help in the inner corruption.  


Just keep breathing.  Keep waiting.  For the moment to strike.  I always wanted to be a spy.  

We are gun owners. 




Seriously, I don't know.  I have a hard time not being me, thus my very short and painful career in customer service.  I would probably have to immigrate somewhere a little less theocratic. 

I fear this as well, and more often since I heard about the TEA party and how religious the right is.
If it does turn into a theocracy, I'm moving to Europe or Canada.
I have no more hope for this country if that happens.
I'd pack my bags for England.

What would I do if America turned theocratic... I'd be outta here. I'd probably move to Germany. If for some reason I couldn't get out I'd join some sort of underground movement and do whatever I could to undermine the government at all levels.


Do you think we'd stand a chance of having any rights as atheists in a theocracy?  Ever?

I think that if America were a theocracy atheists would be treated in a similar fashion to atheists in many Middle Eastern Countries. You keep quiet or risk the chance that some wack-job will kill you or that the government will find some non-obvious way to dispose of you or disappear you to some labor or other type of camp.


Is there any among you who believes that America cannot be in danger of becoming a theocracy?

America might be in danger of becoming a theocracy. It does seem that there are an awfully lot of christian crazies being elected to high places and that scares me at times. We may be in danger of becoming more theocratic for sure. Alternatively maybe what is going on now is the last crazy and loud attempt of the christian crazies to grab what power they can before they finally fall into obscurity. Sometimes people get louder and crazier when they know they are in danger of being more or less permanently marginalized. In either scenario it is rather disconcerting at the number of people who are ignorant, gullible, or just plain stupid and go along with whatever the government or politicians say without being at least somewhat skeptical.

America will definitely become theocratic. -  not Christian but a Muslim Theocracy.  The way Muslims relentlessly pursue their aim to rule the world, it is not a question of if, but when, Islam will take over America.  Then, the Law of Sharia will prevail in the Muslim Theocrazy of America.  MTA will replace USA.

Or, inversely, the Christian population and the Islamic population would break into an all-out holy war, at which point, they'd both decrease their own numbers into being 'permanently marginalized' (I like that term) on their own. Then atheism would either win by default, or be smoked into oblivion with the rest of the world...



What would rather have a Christian theocracy in America or a Muslim theocracy?  Christian theocracy has no chance of revival.  However, the way Muslims are insidiously working,  I will not be surprised if parts of the Sharia Law will be in place in some states in the next 5 years.  Ultimately USA will be like Iran where the Ayatollah rules over the President.  Allahu Akbar = God is Great!

America military is bigger than the entire rest of the world militaries.

is also from fox news 

M I right Jean?

Your 60%  budget is being used for helping millions and millions ppl from all over the world, to live with peace and harmony.

Believe me......

Thanks and salute to American ppl for thinkin about humans, peace, and planet.  


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