Okay! So I encourage anyone who gets a kick out of morons to feel free to comment back at him. I'm done with him personally because I'm tired of being called "stupid" by someone who can't even spell. Sometimes I just wonder... where do these people come from. They ask why atheists are "so angry." I find myself constantly thinking: Why are Conservative Christians so angry? Thoughts please, how do you respond to people like this? I could use some advice.

This is the video you can find his BS on:


You are just wrong. Unicorn = rhinoceros, look it up. Giants = giantism, look it up. And guess what atheism doesn't free you mind, it makes you live in utter stupidity. I am a Christian and I live in as much reality as you do, in fact I live in more reality than you do. The Bible does not say the world is flat nor was it written by people who believe the world was flat, you guys fabricated that lie and frankly I'm getting tired of hearing it! Oh btw I've read the thing too, and still believe it.

I still have more to say on this video was a waste of my time. You should read the apologetics on what the Bible actually says about the shape of the Earth, might help you gain a brain. I don't believe something has no proof of being true, even the naratives in it have been proven to be accurate. The only correct interpretation of Genesis is the day-age interpretation. I believe what I believe science cannot and will never answer all the questions!! That doesn't mean that I ignore science.

I support science on what it is right about. I do this cuz I have half a brain, but science has yet to prove the Bible wrong; or I have yet to see it prove the Bible wrong. In fact more often than not I see them confirming the Bible as being right. That's right I believe in Christianity not feel better, not to do wishful, or any of that stupid stuff that atheists think Christians believe in Christianity for. I believe in Christianity cuz the facts have yet to lead me away from it!!

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I suggested this to him.

You can believe what you want but the problem here is that everyone has their own interpretations of the bible and God. People always want to relate to the bible, cherry pick, or re-interpret in their favor. This does not by any means make the contents of Bible accurate or true. Science on the other hand are not left up for ones own interpretation. Science is based on observation and continues to answer questions. Why not require the the same evidence for God and the Bible?

The problem I see is that people choose blind faith over intellectual questioning. Its funny that this batman guy would even say that he doesn't ignore science. Quite frankly hes ignoring enough of it to be an idiot.


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