How can we establish a new theory for the perfect world for atheists?

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They looked older than they were! Oh, what were YOU talking about --?

I'd love to see fusion happen, but the breakthrough has been elusive so far.

Even ITER seems to be 15 years away...though I guess the situation is improving.  A break even demonstrator plant is now projected to be 15 years in the future, instead of 30.  That only took about fifty years to happen.  At this rate, I might see breakeven happen before I die.

I know I am sounding cynical.  I really do want it to succeed.  But the track record so far has been abysmal; fusion has been nothing but an employment program for physicists.

As for getting into space, that's been a fond dream of mine since I was in school, but I don't see the government doing it while it continues to blow money on everything else (wars with no plan to win, entitlements, all the other bullshit the government engages in that consumes resources instead of producing them) instead.  The only hope is that the private sector developments take off.  The good news is, if it really has all the virtues claimed (and I believe it will), private enterprise will do it because it will pay; not money necessarily but producing more than it consumes.  (Prediction:  some people won't be able to stand the fact that it does pay, and bitch about it.  How dare people make money by producing wealth!)  The biggest hazard is that we burn all of our resources (and/or civilization collapses) before it begins to return more resources than it consumes, and find ourselves trapped.  I fear we are dangerously close to that point now.

On a parallel note, NASA is now investigating the possibility of Roddenberry's Warp Drive, which was also thought to require more energy than it was worth, but another scientist, whose name at the moment escapes me, found a way to reduce that expenditure to a mere fraction of the original estimation - maybe he could get together with the fusion people.

Me too, and since my coffee is too hot to drink right now I can't think of anything else.  I'll go with his answer, if it's ok.

There's never going to be a perfect world as long as humanity is around.

Sometimes, kOrsan, it's like you are reading my mind.


k0rsan is absolutely correct Sagacious - Its people. And I wish he'd come back and explain more because most people think that its some words in a book thats causes the problems.

"k" is a man of few words, who says what he has to say, directly and to the point, and leaves one thinking, "Who was that masked man --?"

Nuff said!!! ;)

Can't figure out what the little boys is doing. Holding up a red branch?

No, he's drawing something in blood with his finger - I don't get it either, I don't think "Nuff" was "said" --

Is it supposed to represent the olive branch or something maybe?


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